Avian Field Tech (Steller’s jays): California

University of Wisconsin, Madison
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
Monthly stipend and shared housing
Last Date to Apply
FIELD Technicians are needed Spring/Summer 2017 to assist our study examining the ecology and behavior of Steller’s jays in the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA. Research is being carried out in Big Basin Redwoods State Park to determine the spatial scale at which human-provided foods subsidize jay populations and threaten the viability of marbled murrelets, an endangered seabird which nests in these areas. The position runs from mid-May through mid-August 2017. Major duties include capturing jays with mist nets, banding, blood sampling, conducting behavioral observations and point counts, and monitoring bird movements using radio telemetry.
Preference will be given to candidates with previous experience mist netting, banding, and handling birds. An interest in or experience with wildlife biology or natural resources is a plus. Good organizational skills, the ability to endure early mornings, some long days, work independently and within a team, and a willingness to travel and work an unusual schedule are essential. The position requires individuals who are not hearing impaired (to detect radio signals from birds) and requires that individuals can differentiate colors (for sighting of color-banded birds). Applicants must also be familiar navigating by map and GPS and be willing to regularly perform simple data entry tasks. A clean driving record and valid driver’s license is required.

HOW TO APPLY: Interested applicants should email a cover letter, CV and contact information for at least 2 references to Rachel Siller (Email: rssiller@wisc.edu). Closing date for application is March 15, 2017, but please submit materials as soon as possible.
Contact Person
Rachel Siller
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