Bird Banding Technician: Utah

University of Utah
Bonderman Field Station at Rio Mesa (about 1 hour NE of Moab, UT)
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This is a volunteer opportunity to work as an assistant bird bander at the University of Utah's Rio Mesa Field Station (RMC) in south-eastern Utah during the 2017 spring migration. For the last 5 years, the Sekercioglu Lab at the U of U has banded songbirds as they pass through the RMC during spring and fall migration. The station is in the remote, beautiful canyon country of southern Utah and is within a days drive to 5 national parks.

Work lasts 6 hours a day beginning 30 minutes before sunrise. Banders are expected to work 10 days on, 2 days off. Duties consist of extracting birds from mist-nets and taking a suite of morphological measurements. The station is also dedicated to public outreach and applicants should expect to engage with group of all ages.

The station is remote (about a one hour drive from Moab) and internet and cell reception are limited. Thus volunteers should feel comfortable living for long periods with a small number of other people.
Previous bird-banding experience is preferred though not required. Applicants should be physically fit enough to work for 6 hours/day and walk approximately 5 miles/day. Weather at the station can vary from very cold to very hot and applicants should be able to work in these conditions.
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Joshua Horns
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