Bird Removal Technician – Part-Time: Illinois

Meridian Bird Removal
Springfield, IL
Job Category
Part Time Vacancies
Up to $2000/mo depending on availability and willingness to travel
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Do you enjoy the “thrill of the chase?”
Are you looking for a way to get paid for doing something you enjoy as much as a hobby?
Are you looking for some extra money to enhance your lifestyle?
Searching for a job that will help keep you in shape?
How about a hobby job that will make you the most interesting person at Thanksgiving Dinner?

You may be asking yourself, “Is this a real job? Do people actually do this for money?” The answer is an unequivocal and emphatic “YES!” This unique job solves a major health and safety issue for many grocery and big box retailers. Our bird removal technicians love what they do. Each job is truly a brand new adventure. Our patent pending process allows you to be the expert problem solver for the nation’s top retail brands.
The ideal candidate will demonstrate:
• The ability to initiate contact with people they have not met, as well as gaining trust and credibility
• A passion for problem solving in a methodical manner as they gather information and analyze the environment
• An efficiency with resources including time, equipment, and profitability
• Patience and persistence to see a job through to completion
• Great initiative and self starting ability, as they will often work independently
• Flexibility – in the lack of definitive work available, length of projects, and the fact that birds just do not keep to a specific schedule

If you read the above and said “that’s me!” then we encourage you to apply today by visiting
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