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The Santa Barbara Zoo is seeking a CA Condor Biologist for our Conservation & Research team. The person filling this position will be responsible for biological research and fieldwork, assisting the Santa Barbara Zoo and United States Fish and Wildlife Service with management of the free-ranging population of reintroduced California Condors in southern California. Management activities conducted at nests require specialized skills in condor handling and rigging rope systems to access nests located on cliffs.

Essential duties include, but are not limited to: conduct and/or take part in biological surveys and censuses on the number, health, and/or distribution of California Condors in the wild; Monitors and/or assists in the capture, handling, observations of, and tracking of California Condors in the wild; and Gather and record physiological and spatial data on California Condors in the wild.

Note: This is a grant-funded position, renewed annually. At this time we expect to have funding renewed each year with an end date of December 2019.
This position is part of a dynamic and progressive team. A strong teamwork ethic and proven enthusiasm are required. Must have at least a four- year college degree in biology or related field and some prior field biology experience with an understanding of behavioral research and data collection. Knowledge of principles, practices and terminology related to wildlife biology and wildlife management; the ability to use a variety of specialized tools and equipment required to conduct wildlife studies/surveys; a valid driver license with good driving record are essential. Must have the ability to rig redundant load sharing anchor systems used to safely access condor nest cavities in unestablished areas where natural and/or artificial protection may be necessary; the ability to rappel and ascend ropes using ascenders and/or Prusiks in high angle environments in order to safely reach condor nest cavities, and the ability to rig and operate raising systems using mechanical advantage systems. While not required, experience providing training in high angle rope techniques and rigging systems is desirable. Must be able to operate safely a 4WD vehicle; and obtain wilderness first aid & CPR certification. Excellent communication, interpersonal skills, quality scientific writing and presentations skills, attention to detail, and demonstrated effective problem solving ability are required.

This position requires the ability to conduct fieldwork in rough terrain and thick vegetation; the ability to hike up to six (6) miles on rugged terrain under inclement weather conditions, and camp (sometime alone) in remote areas for up to one (1) week; the ability to backpack and lift and carry up to forty (40) pounds; as well as to work effectively in a shared workspace environment.

Desirable qualifications: California condor handling experience; familiarity with the California Condor Recovery Program; experience with behavioral data collection; experience with Microsoft Access.

Applicants must apply through the Santa Barbara Zoo’s employment application system at
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Estelle Sandhaus
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