Carnivore/Deer Seasonal Wildlife Technician: Michigan

Mississippi State University
Baraga, Michigan (Upper Peninsula)
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$100/week stipend + housing
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Start Date: ~01 May 2017 (date flexible +/- 2 weeks)
End Date: ~31 August 2017

Job Description:
The selected employees will assist field staff with activities associated with a white-tailed deer and carnivore study in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan in and around Ottawa National Forest. Employees will assist with various project duties, including but not limited to:
- VHF/GPS telemetry (handheld, truck-mounted, and aerial)
- Black bear hair snare survey
- Carnivore predation site investigations (clusters)
- White-tailed deer fawn capture
- Scat collection and analysis
- Deer camera survey
- Coyote howl survey
- Data entry

Employees will be responsible for keeping daily field logs and assisting project staff with daily data entry. While not part of daily activities, additional responsibilities may include assisting with carnivore (black bear, wolf, and coyote) capture and white-tailed deer mortality investigations. There may be the potential for exceptional employees to stay on the project for the fall season. This project is fairly unique in its scope and the variety of species studied, and is an excellent opportunity for wildlife students to gain field experience.

Visit the website ( and Facebook page ( for more information.
Qualifications: Employees should have a strong interest in wildlife ecology and management. Employees should be highly motivated with the ability to work as a member of a team under direct guidance from project personnel. Positions are physically demanding and occasionally require long hours (up to 12+ hours per day) of backcountry hiking in dense cover and variable terrain. Employees should be comfortable with performing fieldwork in inclement weather under strenuous conditions in a northern climate, including long hours and weekends. Individuals should be able to lift up to 40 lbs. and able to traverse rough terrain for extended distances. Experience with carnivore track identification, ArcGIS, GPS units, and the use of 4-wheel drive vehicles and four-wheelers is preferred. Personnel housing is provided free of charge. Please understand that field housing can be crowded at times, so a good attitude and the ability to get along with others is a must.

Salary: $100/week stipend + housing

To apply, send a single pdf document containing 1) cover letter 2) resume 3) contact information for 3 references to Please use the format Lastname,Firstname_MIPP.pdf (ex. Lutto,Ashley_MIPP.pdf). Applications will be reviewed as they are received and positions will be filled accordingly.

Last Date to Apply: 08 March 2016
Contact Person
Ashley Lutto
Contact Phone
Contact eMail
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