Conservation Forester: Colorado

Big Thompson and Fort Collins Conservation Districts
Fort Collins, CO
Job Category
Full time Positions
$42,000 - $50,000
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The Fort Collins Conservation District and the Big Thompson Conservation District are hiring a forester for our Healthy Forest Initiative program. One position is currently available. The two Districts are partnering on the project so the forester will be working for both Districts. Forests within the Districts cover a wide diversity of natural environments and human communities. Conservation District staff work with landowners, community representatives, youth, and other agencies and disciplines to establish, manage, protect, and restore natural resource. Position will be housed at the Fort Collins USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service office. Federal background check will be utilized as a contingency for employment. To apply, please email or mail a cover letter, resume, transcripts and 3 professional references to: or USDA/NRCS, Suite 116; 2150 Centre Ave; Bldg. A.; Fort Collins, CO 80526

Project Management
Develop Forest Management Plans – Initiate planning and coordinate with landowners to develop their forest management plan; collect, organize, analyze, and interpret forest inventory data; perform necessary field work during all seasons; use standard forest inventory equipment and analysis software; develop prescriptions and management recommendations in a written document.
Manage Logging Contracts – Manage forestry projects from beginning to end, which involves but is not limited to: initial landowner conversations and outreach; contractor selection; write contracts; financial management – track invoices and payments involving landowners, contractors, and grantors; act as coordinator between landowners, logging contractors, grantors, District board members, and project partners; treatment unit layout and tree marking; meet contractors in field regularly to ensure compliance with scope of work and BMPs; solve problems, create status reports, and other duties as needed.

Grant Management
Administrative - Identify need for grant funded projects by coordinating with landowners, natural resources managers, and other stakeholders; maintain current grants; apply for new grants with known and new funders (private, local, state, and federal entities) and compile all necessary documents (maps, budget, forest inventory data, scope of work, letters of support, etc); track grant progress, contracts, expenditures and create reports for intermediate and final reimbursements.
Field Operations – Select and manage contractors to fulfill District grant commitments; coordinate with Grantors to do field inspections or pre/post treatment monitoring; (same duties as ‘Managing Logging Contracts’).

Outreach and Development
• Develop strategic partnerships with private and public entities; work collaboratively to further the mission of partnering Conservation Districts and other stakeholders.
• Plan meetings, conduct presentations, and host field tours to recruit new partners and clients for the project, thus ensuring continued work opportunities into the future.
• Engage with board of supervisors from both partnering Conservation Districts to maintain and improve programming and to find new funding opportunities.
• Create educational documents, presentations, and other products to inform landowners and other stakeholders about the Healthy Forest Initiative.
• A bachelor's degree in forestry or a related degree from a Society of American Foresters' (SAF) accredited forestry school and two years of experience in forest ecology preferred.
• Ability to operate vehicles, forestry equipment, and to perform strenuous outdoor work in a variety of weather conditions.
• Must have a valid Colorado driver's license or the ability to acquire one upon employment.
• Technical writing skills – write effectively and efficiently on topics involving forestry and natural resources (grant applications, reports, educational documents)
• Ability to convey ideas and scientific concepts related to natural resources to those who may or may not be familiar with such topics (politicians, general public, land managers, journalists, etc.)
• Ability to manage complex projects involving multiple parties, contracts, spreadsheets, field operations, record keeping, timelines and budgets..
• Experience with grant writing and/or project proposal development.
• Ability to work outdoors, often alone, during all seasons to complete required field work; hike over steep, uneven terrain.
• Ability to use various forest inventory equipment, maps and GPS units, keep detailed datasheets.
• General computing: proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, ArcGIS, and able to learn other software programs as necessary.
• Highly organized and efficient in managing tasks, projects, computer files, supplies, and time.
• Self-motivated and self-directed; take initiative to solve problems and meet needs.
• Flexibility to perform a variety of duties and deal with unforeseen events.
• Excellent communication, both verbal and written.
• Problem solving skills, inter-personal and customer service skills.
• Enjoy working with people and respect different viewpoints.
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Sam Adams
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