Endangered Bat Survey Technician

Ecological Solutions
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
Commensurate with experince and qualifications
Start Date
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Ecological Solutions, Inc., an environmental consulting firm in Roswell, Georgia, is seeking qualified applicants to fill seasonal position(s) for team technicians in the 2017 summer field season. The applicant should have field experience and the necessary skills to handle and identify eastern United States bats including the endangered Indiana bat and gray bat, and the listed as threatened northern long-eared bat. This is a seasonal position conducting bat surveys in the southeast.

Job Description:
In addition to required night work, applicants can expect to work long days, often 7 days per week, with constant travel. This position requires lifting heavy equipment, working and hiking in challenging environments, rugged and uneven terrain or waist deep water. Daily duties include moving and setting up mist net equipment, extracting bats from mist nets, identifying, handling, and measuring bats, conducting daily surveys, radio-telemetry, acoustic surveys, decontamination procedures, data management, and working as a team member. .
Minimum Qualifications:
 Some knowledge of setting up mist nets, identifying, extracting, and handling of bats
 A recent rabies pre-exposure vaccination or titer check within the last two years
 At least one year of field experience
 Experience using radio telemetry
 Experience with acoustic equipment and software analysis
 Ability to perform work at night and willing to travel for extended amounts of time
 Familiarity with orienteering, southeastern bats, and vegetation in the southeast.
 Good communication skills, concise data documentation, detail oriented, well organized, self-motivated, positive attitude, professionalism, and a team member.
 Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.
 Possess a valid driver’s license and good driving record
Contact Person
Dottie Brown
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