Environmental Scientist – Wetlands – Florida

Florida Atlantic University
Palm Beach County, FL
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Environmental Scientist in Wetland Ecology
Florida Atlantic University
Department of Biological Sciences

We are seeking an aspiring environmental scientist or wetland ecologist to join a multi-disciplinary team of scientists from Florida Atlantic University and the South Florida Water Management District that are assessing the effectiveness of restoration activities on Everglades ecosystem recovery.

This position will primarily be responsible for providing field and laboratory support for the Decompartmentalization Physical Model: a large scale field study designed to examine effects of canal backfilling and sheetflow restoration on Everglades landscape recovery. Secondary responsibilities include field support for other active wetland restoration projects, and fleet and field logistics coordination. As an integral member of a multi-disciplinary team, additional responsibilities include keeping updated on scientific literature, and applying new scientific knowledge to assist in planning and implementing future studies.

Responsibilities will be divided between field and laboratory work (70%) and data management and analysis (30%). Specific tasks include the design, construction and deployment of research equipment; field sampling of sediment, soil, vegetation and aquatic macroinvertebrates; measurements of hydrologic parameters and physical water quality parameters; and monthly written updates/logs of work. Daily fieldwork and tasks will be in cooperation with the South Florida Water Management District so that daily activity will generally initiate from West Palm Beach, FL. The position is expected to be multiple (3-3.5) years assuming good performance.

The field work will require the ability to conduct physically demanding work in remote areas, to rapidly acquire airboat certification and to navigate the Everglades landscape. Expertise and experience conducting basic laboratory procedures and are also needed. Experience working in aquatic ecosystems is highly desirable.

Salary Range: $32,000-$40,000/yr. (commensurate with experience) plus state of Florida benefits
Minimum Employment Guidelines: Bachelor’s degree in Ecology, Environmental Science, or related field and 1-3 years of relevant experience. A MS degree in a relevant field is desirable and may count for 2-3 years of experience. The position will also require a valid driver’s license.

Apply online at https://jobs.fau.edu and reference job opening ID #01010074 (Environmental Scientist). This position is open now for immediate start.
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Dr. Nathan Dorn (questions only, apply online)
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