Environmental Services Intern (*Field Tech*) – California

California State Parks - Ocotillo Wells Resources
Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area
Job Category
Part Time Vacancies
$12.51 - $16.67/HOUR
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The Environmental Services Intern reporting location is at 5172 Highway 78, #10, Borrego Springs, CA 92004.

This position will work under the direction of Staff Park & Recreation Specialist, Steve Quartieri. The Environmental Services Intern (ESI) will work with the Resource Department to conduct habitat monitoring surveys that include small mammals, flat- tailed horned lizards, reptiles, birds, camera, and plant surveys. The ESI will gather, input, and analyze the data gathered by staff using ArcMap and Access software.

Under the guidance of lead resource staff, the ESI will write analytical/statistical reports for managements review. The ESI will also participate in native plant nursery operation, conduct restoration projects, and do field work to detect and remove invasive plants.

The ESI may work independently and may guide the work of Senior Park Aides/Park Aides. Applicant must be able to safely operate various 4-wheel drive vehicles and tools associated with above tasks.

Priority consideration will be given to any person receiving State public assistance under the CalWORKS program. Applicants who receive State public assistance need to identify their status as a CalWORKS recipient in the comments area on the application. Applicants must submit a verification of their CalWORKS eligibility status, which may include the most recent Notice of Action showing TANF eligibility or a copy of your last aid check stub. If verification is not submitted with the application, the application will not be processed. (Applicants may obtain verification from the CalWORKS program).

State housing may be available. For further information regarding this position, please contact Steve Quartieri (760) 587-1160 or steve.quartieri@parks.ca.gov.

Please send your Standard State Application, Form 678, to the contact address listed below or email to steve.quartieri@parks.ca.gov. Please note the position number on the application and include any necessary documentation required to be eligible for the job.

Ocotillo Wells SVRA
Attention: Steve Quartieri
5172 Highway 78 #10
Borrego Springs, CA 92004

Application Instructions
Dates printed on Mobile Bar Codes, such as the Quick Response (QR) Codes available at the USPS, are not considered Postmark dates for the purpose of determining timely filing of an application.

Final Filing Date: 6/21/2017
Who May Apply

This is a non-testing Classification, therefore, anyone meeting the Minimum Qualifications listed on the Classification Specification may apply for this position. Individuals in specific programs, such as the Welfare to Work Program, are encouraged to apply and will be given priority according to the applicable Laws and Rules. Please note on your application your current participation in these programs.

Applications will be screened and only the most qualified applicants will be selected for an interview.

How To Apply

Completed Examination/Employment Application (STD 678) and applicable or required documents must be submitted to apply for this Job Posting. A completed copy of the Application Package listing must be included, when submitting your application in hard copy. Address for Mailing Application Packages

You may submit your application and any applicable or required documents to:

Department of Parks & Recreation
Attn: Steve Quartieri
5172 Highway 78 #10
Borrego Springs, CA 92004
Address for Drop-Off Application Packages

You may drop off your application and any applicable or required documents at:

Steve Quartieri
5172 Highway 78 #10
Borrego Springs, CA 92004
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Required Application Documents

Please submit the following items with your application. Applicants who do not submit the required items timely may not be considered for this job:

State Examination/Employment Application STD Form 678. All Experience and Education relating to the Minimum Qualifications listed on the Classification Specification should be included to demonstrate how you meet the Minimum

Qualifications for the position.
Resume is optional. It may be included, but is not required. Applicants requiring reasonable accommodations for the hiring interview process must request the necessary accommodations if scheduled for a hiring interview. The request should be made at the time of contact to schedule the interview. Questions regarding reasonable accommodations may be directed to the EEO contact listed on this job posting.

Contact Information
The Hiring Unit Contact is available to answer questions regarding the position or application process.

Department Website: http://www.parks.ca.gov
Hiring Unit Contact:
Steve Quartieri
(760) 587-1160
Please direct requests for Reasonable Accommodations to the interview scheduler at the time the interview is being scheduled. You may direct any additional questions regarding Reasonable Accommodations or Equal Employment Opportunity for this position(s) to the Department's EEO Office.

EEO Contact:
Human Rights Office
(916) 653-8148
California Relay Service: 1-800-735-2929 (TTY), 1-800-735-2922 (Voice) TTY is a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf, and is reachable only from phones equipped with a TTY Device.
Additional Instructions
If submitting your completed Application Package (including your Examination/Employment Application (STD. 678) along with all applicable or required documents) by mail or hand delivery, you must include the Position # (549-555-4708-901) in the “Examination or Job Title for which you are applying” section on the STD. 678.You must list your most current employment history first in the “Employment History” section on the STD. 678 providing the “From” and “To” dates with the month, day and year. Note: If you are applying for multiple positions, you must complete a STD. 678 for each position separately. Incomplete applications or applications received with multiple positions listed on one application will not be considered.
Must have 4 year bachelors degree in natural science related field
Contact Person
Steve Quartieri
Contact Phone
(760) 587-1160
Contact eMail
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