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Sterling Cavair
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Salary: $14.42 /hour+benefits
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Sterling Caviar/Stolt Sea Farm Fish Technician We are looking for Fish Technicians to fill new positions at our Northern California fish farms. These farms are highly intensive flow-through and recirculation facilities for the production of meat and caviar, located in the Sacramento, California area.

This particular position involves working with a team of technicians, carrying out the daily requirements within the Production Department. Daily tasks may include general site maintenance, the loading and correct operation of feeding and production systems, assisting with repair and maintenance of existing systems, and assisting in construction of new projects. Responding to alarms both during normal operational hours and outside of those hours is part of the position as well. Biologically, the Fish Technicians carry out biopsies of egg producing females, assist with ultrasound sexual determinations, monitor water quality and health parameters, and partake in harvesting/moving/ grading fish. The applicants must be physically fit and capable of lifting 50+ lbs, and be able to demonstrate a history of work that shows dependability, reliability, and honesty. Individuals with aquaculture, fisheries, or biological education, are extremely desirable. A Class “A” Commercial Drivers License are helpful as well. Strong mechanical and electrical skills are a plus. The applicant must be able to follow directions, but also think independently when necessary. The Fish Technician will work alone as well as with others as a team member. The work schedule is usually 7-4 and 40 hrs a week.

Compensation begins at $14.42/hr and with several pay incentives for additional duties and time with the company. Full time employees are also eligible upon completion of 90 days of continuous employment, for coverage by the Company’s health insurance care program. These include an HSA high deductible medical plan, a dental and vision plan, long term disability and life insurance. After one year of service you will qualify for our 401(k) matching program. Currently the company will match 150% of your contribution, up to your 4% of your salary.

You must provide references if contacted for an interview. NO PHONE calls will be accepted or considered. Apply by email only, put "Fish Tech" in the subject line. Please submit a separate cover letter and separate resume as word documents attached to the email. Interested candidates please submit cover letter and resume with your application. Absolutely, NO PHONE calls will be accepted. Please apply by email.
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: $14.42 /hour
Experience with construction (pvc, welding, groundwork, electrical, etc)
experience with heavy equipment (bobcat, backhoe, tractors, forklift)
passion for animal husbandry
good personality
college degree
ability to work outside if various conditions
ability to lift and handle 50lb items (feed, salt, fish)
any experience with fish husbandry

The more experience the better, but on the job training will be given in all aspects of fishery and farm work.
Contact Person
Austin Jacob
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