Fisheries Technician: Montana

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Kalispell, MT
Job Category
Full time Positions
Last Date to Apply
Position Number(s): 52193101

Listing Number:14448-14149

Special Information:

Identity of applicants who become finalists may be released to the public if the Department deems it necessary. Employees scheduled at least half-time for more than 6 months consecutively are also provided paid health, dental and life insurance. This position may be covered by a VEBA (Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association).

Must be in good physical condition and able to perform difficult fisheries field surveys. Backpack and mobile anode electrofishing on high-gradient mountain streams and rivers is mandatory for this position. Must be able to walk multiple miles of streambed for multiple days in a row while conducting red surveys. Must be able to hike and carry field equipment to remote locations to conduct fisheries fieldwork in mountainous areas, sometimes in inclement weather. Must be experienced and comfortable working around and with horse stock. Must be able to operate boats, motors and a variety of net types on reservoirs, lakes and ponds and operate jet boats and conduct nighttime boom-type electrofishing on large rivers. Must be willing and able to fly in light aircraft and helicopters for research and monitoring. The work schedule is variable, often requiring work outside of normal business hours. Must be able to work and reside in remote field locations for up to 1-2 weeks at a time. Typically drives or rides 10,000-20,000 miles per year to field survey sites and meeting locations. The ideal person for this position must be self motivated.

Women and minorities are under-represented in this job category and are encouraged to apply.

The overall purpose of this position is to provide regional MFWP staff assistance in carrying out specified fisheries management and research activities including conducting fish population surveys/inventories and laboratory studies, the maintenance, operation and monitoring of fish traps and experimental fisheries enhancement techniques, and habitat rehabilitation projects located in the Flathead River Subbasin. Conducts fish population and physical surveys/inventories to assess the characteristics and dynamics of populations and their habitats within the Flathead River watershed by using appropriate fisheries sampling and survey methods and effective and efficient data recording skills. Perform construction, maintenance, purchasing, and repair of equipment necessary to collect fisheries/hydrological resource data. Manages collected fisheries/hyrological data effectively and efficiently in order to facilitate easy access and initial summation as directed by supervisor. Files, enters, summarizes and analyzes fisheries data for management decisions and report writing through careful fieldwork and experience with analytical techniques and computer technology. Inventories, protects, maintains and enhances aquatic habitat to maintain or improve populations of fish and aquatic organisms by using knowledge of surveying, water and invertebrate sampling equipment, habitat improvement techniques and public communication skills.
Knowledge of fisheries management principles and techniques of fish sampling methods and equipment is required. Knowledge and experience in electrofishing, gillnetting, water safety, aquatic research methods and sampling equipment, use of horse stock and tack, computers for data entry are all important job qualifications. The ability to operate a wide variety of vehicles, boats, motors, instruments and sampling equipment is needed, as well as the physical ability to do strenuous outdoor work in all weather conditions and locations ranging from lowland rivers and streams to high mountain lakes. Ability to identify fish species of the Flathead River and Lake drainage. Ability to work effectively with other crew members.

The knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform the duties of this position are typically acquired through a Bachelor’s degree in fisheries management or a closely related field and 1-2 years of progressively responsible experience as a fisheries technician.

Supplemental Questions:
The information you provide on this application supplement will be used by the selection committee in combination with your education and experience to determine which applicants will move forward in the selection process. Your responses will be viewed apart from your application materials; therefore, it is important to be specific in regards to names of employers, dates, job duties, etc. if requested. It is important that your answers are concise, thorough and relevant. The committee cannot make assumptions based solely on your other application materials when reviewing this supplement.

Please describe your training and applied experience and those aspects you were personally responsible for in the following. Give specific examples of work products or achievements where pertinent:
1) Sampling and quantifying both coldwater and warmwater fish populations in streams, rivers, lakes and reservoirs, with specific reference to species, sampling methods and gear types.
2) Applying or conducting fish removal projects including use of piscicides.
3) Using horse stock including packing and riding in extended backcountry trips.
4) Working as part of team while conducting fisheries fieldwork.
5) Operating field sampling equipment, machinery, and vehicles, including boats, snowmobiles, or others used in fisheries survey work.

Additional Materials Required:
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