Flatwoods Salamander Technicians – Florida

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Bristol, FL
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$13/hr. 40-hr/week
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is hiring four seasonal technicians to assist with projects focusing on the conservation of the Federally Threatened Frosted Flatwoods Salamander (Ambystoma cingulatum) in the Apalachicola National Forest, in southwestern Liberty County, FL. Two six-month positions will be hired for Oct 2017-March 2018 and two six-month positions will be hired for Dec 2017-May 2018. Selected applicants will be assisting FWC biologists with headstarting larval salamanders, drift fence monitoring, and conducting larval dipnet surveys. Routine responsibilities will include the maintenance of “cattle tank” mesocosms housing larval salamanders. This includes maintaining water quality variables, raising and collecting invertebrate prey, and conducting regular nighttime larval welfare checks. Field duties will include running drift fences, processing salamanders for mark-recapture, salamander egg searches, and nocturnal searches for larvae. Additional duties include assisting with annual larval dipnet surveys, collecting associated field data, and entering the data into a MS Excel Database. How to apply: Please submit a single document (MS Word or .pdf) containing: 1) Resume or CV 2) Minimum of 2 professional references, and 3) one page cover letter explaining qualifications, relevant experience, and the preferred position period (Oct-Mar or Dec-May). Application and questions should be sent to Pierson Hill (Pierson.Hill@myfwc.com) with the subject line “Salamander Technician”.
Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree in biology, ecology, or related field. They must be comfortable working outside for long periods during non-standard hours and in potentially inclement conditions. Applicants should be in good physical condition and able to to walk long distances in the woods and wade in shallow water. They should be familiar with the identification, collection, and handling of amphibians, preferably in the southeastern US. Familiarity with 4x4 operation and GPS navigation. Familiar with field data collection and entry into a database (i.e. Microsoft Excel). Ability to maintain good working relationships with others in the office and field. Possess a valid US driver’s license.
Contact Person
Pierson Hill
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