Krait Telemetry Technician (Volunteer) – Thailand

Sakaerat Conservation and Snake Education Team
Sakaerat Environmental Research Station
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1 volunteer field technician needed to perform daily and nightly radio-telemetry locations of banded kraits (Bungarus fasciatus) in rural agricultural communities within the Transitional Zone of UNESCO's Sakaerat Biosphere Reserve. The applicant must commit to a minimum of 3 months. Term extension may be possible.

Position Background:

The Venomous Snakes in Villages Project is an on-going study focused on the ecology of banded kraits (Bungarus fasciatus) living amongst human-dominated portions of the Sakaerat Biosphere Reserve, in Northeast Thailand. This project is managed by a master’s student from Suranaree University of Technology who lives on site at the Sakaerat Environmental Research Station and will closely coordinate field activities with the volunteer.

Field work primarily includes driving an automatic moped on country roads to reach the field site and locate kraits using radio telemetry to collect data on their shelter site location and movement activities. For each snake, tracking is done in the afternoon and again during one hour long intervals, rotating throughout the night. Currently, there are three snakes, requiring approximately 4-5 tracking hours per day. The technician is expected to partake in data cleaning, camera trap review, and various organizational tasks that will require additional indoor work daily. Expect 3-10 hours of work per day seven days a week with an opportunity to take a short vocation midterm.

A large portion of field work will also be spent performing standardized walking night surveys throughout the study site. Surveys are geared towards locating more kraits to be implanted with radio-transmitters, estimate prey abundances, and collect biometrics on other targeted species. Volunteers will be expected to radio track and survey alone at night for extended portions of their regular schedule.

It is essential that the volunteer has good judgement, communication abilities, and experience working around potentially dangerous species. Experience safely handling venomous snakes using proper safety equipment is a plus. However, additional training opportunities will be available . Applicants must be able to work well independently as well as part of a team, closely following instructions and able to make wise decisions.

Additional field tasks including, setting camera traps, checking drift fence trap arrays, and instructing Thai student interns on our field methods will likely arise.


Volunteers will be working in close quarters with the project manager and other technicians at the research station. Housing is covered; however, it will be shared with the project manager or in cramped dorm-style housing with field technicians of other various projects on site. Three meals a day will be covered and will be prepared by station staff. Vegetarian specifications are difficult to arrange and would be very limited in their food variety. Wifi will also be provided at the station.

To Apply:

Send me via email ( your cover letter, and CV including three references. Please do not apply if you cannot commit to at least three months from the start date of the position (August 2nd).
Helpful Skills:

* Experience using radio-telemetry
* Experience driving a moped
* Experience travelling abroad or working with a diverse background of people is beneficial. Global conservation requires respect and cultural exchange.
* Previous experience handling venomous snake using appropriate equipment safely, and with respect for the animal


1. Bachelor degree in ecology or related field
2. Ability to work independently while stringently following protocol
3. Ability to respect cultural values including (polite behavior & clothing) around the research station and in the field
4. Willingness to work long, unusual, yet scheduled hours throughout the night
6. Ability to fund oneself arrival and departure to and from Thailand. All nationalities will be considered for this position if you can meet the Thai VISA requirements.
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Tyler Knierim
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Skype: tyler-knierim
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