M.S. Assistantship – Climate Change and Kudzu—Ecological and Economic Aspects: Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
$15,504/yr plus health insurance, tuition waiver, and reimbursment for fieldwork-related travel
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
An M.S. graduate research assistantship is available in Oklahoma State University’s Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management in the lab of Dr. Omkar Joshi and in collaboration with Drs. Karen Hickman, Shishir Paudel, and Scott Loss. This position will use both field ecology and ecological/economic modeling approaches to: (1) assess the role of climate change in the future distribution of the invasive Kudzu plant, and (2) investigate potential economic costs of managing Kudzu under alternative climate change scenarios. The project will entail visiting field sites of known current and new Kudzu invasions in Oklahoma to conduct vegetation surveys, using CLIMEX modeling software to assess current climate associations and future potential Kudzu distribution, and using IMPLAN modeling software to assess potential costs of Kudzu management. Additionally, the student will mentor one or more undergraduate researchers conducting research into topics potentially including: experimental field or lab trials investigating Kudzu germination success and growth under different temperature and moisture regimes; effects of Kudzu invasion on bird communities; and potential facilitative relationships between invasive earthworms and Kudzu.
Required qualifications–Applicants must possess: a B.S. degree in Biology, Ecology, Natural Resources, Plant and Soil Sciences, or a related field; a strong work ethic and sense of self-motivation; the ability to work independently and with a small team in a management capacity; a strong interest in ecological and economic aspects of natural resource management; a strong desire to lead efforts to publicly present and publish the research; and a valid US driver’s license.

Preferred qualifications: Applicants with experience coordinating field projects/crews, completing mentored independent research, conducting field vegetation surveys and/or greenhouse experiments, and/or using GIS, statistical, Climex, and/or IMPLAN software will be especially competitive.
Contact Person
Dr. Omkar Joshi
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