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Position Description: The mission of the Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory (SNCO) is “To inspire present and future generations to cherish and understand our natural world”. As a key member of the leadership team of SNCO, the Nature Center Manager is responsible for supporting and enhancing the pursuit of our mission through leadership and management of all aspects of the functioning of the Nature Center. In addition, this position requires frequent interface with the public, government agencies, private companies and potential donors. The successful candidate will be able to communicate with proficiency through written, spoken and digital media. Specific duties and responsibilities are defined in the next section.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Management of staff and coordination – Hire and lead full time and seasonal staff consistent with the SNCO Employee Handbook. Recruit, schedule and manage volunteers that support the functioning of the Nature Center (NC). Coordinate as necessary with the other members of the Management Team (Board President, Observatory Manager, Administrative Manager) and the Director of Philanthropy. Attend monthly SNCO Board Meetings and report on progress and concerns affecting the Nature Center. Ensure that staff and volunteers are trained to perform their assigned responsibilities, have supporting procedural documentation in place and are scheduled to ensure adequate staffing at all times. Safety of staff, volunteers and visitors will be a primary consideration for the NC Manager. Ensure that all full time staff members receive an annual performance program upon being hired and a written annual performance review, and that seasonal staff members receive an end of season written evaluation. Advise the Board President on annual compensation decisions.
2. Budget and Financial Management – Develop the detailed annual operating budget for the Nature Center in conformance with the schedule and overall budgetary guidance provided by the Board of Directors and Finance Committee. Oversee expenditures to ensure consistency with the approved budget. Notify the Board President if significant deviations are anticipated. Attend monthly Finance Committee meetings. Develop and present requests for Capital expenditures for repair and enhancement of NC facilities as needed. Develop, update, and maintain operational protocols. Ensure that there are adequate procedures in place for management of front desk financial transactions and that staff and volunteers are trained in these practices. Develop, update, and maintain operational protocols.
3. Educational Programs – Develop, oversee and participate in the presentation of educational programs for visitors to the Nature Center. Develop and organize educational programs for Sunriver residents, visitors, and others in venues throughout the community as needed. Work with local school leaders to provide educational opportunities for students throughout Central Oregon. Maintain current and accurate natural history information relevant to the Sunriver area and Central Oregon.
4. Exhibits and Capital Improvements – Maintain all exhibits at the Nature Center to display a high degree of quality, accuracy and clarity of information so as to enhance the visitor experience. Continually assess the quality of signage and visitor guidance in and around the NC to identify and execute improvements. Take responsibility for oversight and management of Capital Improvements on NC property, including botanical garden expansion, new and improved bird mews, and other physical improvements.
5. Management of Living Creatures – Ensure that all living creatures managed by the Nature Center are provided the highest level of care and attention to ensure their health and safety. Train and oversee staff and volunteers in proper procedures for handling and caring for creatures residing at the Nature Center. Ensure that State and Federal regulations are strictly adhered to. Coordinate with local veterinary professionals and other experts as needed to respond to health concerns. If NC creatures are removed from the facilities for educational or other purposes, ensure that protocols for movement are in place and followed. Maintain all applicable state and federal permits for program and migratory birds and submit regulatory agency reports as required. Participate in scheduled and unscheduled state and federal inspections. Maintain consistent and accurate records of animal diet, health, and behavior.
6. Fund raising – Seek outside funding for the Nature Center by preparing or assisting with the preparation of proposals to foundations, governmental agencies and individuals with interests in matters aligned with Nature Center goals and mission. Work closely with the Director of Philanthropy on preparing proposals and supporting fund raising events. Oversee expenditure of donation and grant monies to assure that funds are spent consistent with donor expectations and are used efficiently to achieve these goals. Help build supportive relationships with individuals and organizations to engender informal ambassadors for SNCO.
7. Research – Identify potential research opportunities that may enhance understanding of the local environment. Pursue grant funding as appropriate to fund these research efforts. Reach out to universities and other institutions to seek opportunities to partner in pursuit of enhancing knowledge through collaborative research.
8. Rehabilitation of Wildlife – Manage a limited raptor rehabilitation program, consistent with funding resources, staff licensing requirements, State and Federal regulations and capacity constraints.
9. Gift Store Oversight – Collaborate with other members of the Management Team to ensure that the displays and offerings available for sale reflect attractive and appropriate items for Nature Center visitors.
10. Nature Center Media Outlets – Coordinate and provide all necessary information for administrative staff to complete advertising and newsletter materials. Manage all information relative to the Nature Center’s website and Facebook pages. Monitor and update social media outlets and ensure accuracy of information provided. Author or oversee articles provided to local media as needed.

Organizational Structure and Supervision
Within professional standards, the NC Manager completes typical assignments without supervision and independently supervises NC staff and volunteers. Day-to-day methods, priorities, and activities are handled independently. The NC Manager is a member of the Management Team, headed by the Board President. Close coordination is required between the NC Manager and the other members of the team, consisting of the Observatory Manager and Administrative Manager. In addition, significant cooperation and coordination with the Director of Philanthropy is expected. The NC Manager attends bi-monthly Management Team meetings. On new or special assignments the Manager works under general supervision of the President, Board of Directors, and seeks direction as needed. Performance review is ongoing with written evaluations provided annually, typically in November.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
The Nature Center Manager will possess, or be able to possess, sufficient knowledge, skills, and abilities to:
• Hire, manage, and supervise qualified staff to ensure a high quality operation
• Interpret local natural history to children and adult visitors through a variety of interpretive and instructional methods age appropriate for all audiences
• Effectively work independently on a wide variety of tasks
• Work effectively and harmoniously with all staff and volunteers, demonstrating leadership in all dealings with the public
• Communicate effectively, orally and in writing, with a willingness and ability to share knowledge and information with visitors, staff, and volunteers
• Operate a PC or Mac computer for purposes of word processing, spreadsheets, and graphics; able to create digital presentations for the public
• Be proficient in the use of social media and other forms of marketing/public relations for advertising the Nature Center and its activities.
• Identify and understand a wide array of flora and fauna of the Central Oregon High Desert and communicate this information to the public
• Handle and care for live animals (birds of prey, reptiles, amphibians) and interpret them to the public
• Develop and manage an annual budget; train staff in simple accounting and retail duties
• Perform moderate physical activities safely
• Comply with the SNCO uniform, grooming, and conduct policies
• Work in a wide variety of weather conditions
• Be willing to work a flexible schedule that will require weekend and holiday duties
• Conduct and/or oversee a raptor rehabilitation program

Application Procedure
Submit a completed Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory application form, a 1-2 page resume, at least three letters of reference including one from a supervisor within the most recent three years, a copy of college transcripts, and a cover letter. Please note that the aforementioned submissions define a complete application. Mail complete application package to the address shown below. Electronic applications may be submitted to Deadline for receipt of application package is May 15, 2017.

The SNCO application form is available by mail or electronically by calling or writing:
Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory
Attn: Nature Center Manager Application
PO Box 3533
Sunriver, OR 97707
Telephone: 541-593-4442

The Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory is a private, not-for-profit corporation engaged in a wide range of environment education and service programs for the residents and visitors of Sunriver and Central Oregon. Creating and maintaining a community in which humans and nature can coexist remains the highest ideal of SNCO. Utilizing both a working laboratory and an interpretive facility, the Nature Center & Observatory helps people gain a broader perspective on the area’s, and the world’s, environment.

Our mission is to inspire present and future generations to cherish and understand our natural world.
Qualifications Education: Bachelor’s degree in a relevant science field from an accredited college or university is required. A Master’s degree in a relevant field of science is preferred.

Experience: Previous employment in an equivalent position or demonstrated ability to do same.

Preferences: Experience teaching adults and children. Experience developing educational exhibits. History of working with birds of prey and other live animals.

Other: Possess valid Oregon Driver’s License or obtain one within 30 days of employment. The candidate selected for this position will be required to pass a substance abuse screening and criminal background check as a condition of employment.
Contact Person
Carolyn Maxwell
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