Neotropical Bird Ecology in the Choco Region, Colombia

Icesi University, Cali Colombia
Anchicayá Region, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
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I am looking for driven and energetic students and researchers interested in working with tropical birds in Colombia. My project will take place between mid of April and late June 2017 at the Anchicayá that is located in the western slope of the western cordillera ~3 hour by car from Cali. The site covers an elevation gradient from 300-1100 m, and it is well preserve rainforest with close to 500 bird species reported for the site. We have 8 volunteer positions available. Primary activities in this work include nest searching and monitoring. Additionally, we mist-netting and banding, and collection of samples from captured birds. We work six days a week approximately from 5am to 6pm, with occasional data entry and organization in the evenings. Mist-netting teams are expected to hike to and work in remote areas for up to two weeks at a time. Field conditions are variable, depending on the field station to which assistants are assigned. In all cases, communication is reliable (mainly cell phone), and limited or no internet. We camp in tents for the entirety of the season and cook for ourselves (rice, pasta, legumes, cassava, plantain, and fresh vegetables). Field stations have reliable power or will have generator power on a nightly basis.
This work is most appropriate for those pursuing a career in ecology or behavior and who have previous field experience working in remote locations. There are often opportunities for students to develop thesis projects, and such students are strongly encouraged to apply.
To apply, please send a completed application form (available on our website; and your CV More information on the project and information for potential assistants can be found on our project webpage.
Applicants should be in good physical condition, must be able to work well in a group setting, and should be willing to work long hours under difficult conditions (heat, rain, cold, high humidity and lots of biting and stinging insects). We prefer volunteers with previous bird study experiences such as behaviours, mist-netting and banding, nest searching. But people that like been outdoors for long hours and in hard conditions are also welcome to apply.
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Gustavo Londoño
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