Northern California Wildlife Scientific Aid (3 positions) – California

CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Redding, CA (2 positions); Eureka, CA (1 position)
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$12.11 - $14.36 per hour
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
CDFW Seasonal Job Bulletin NR 17-021, 022, 023 Under the supervision of CDFW staff, field personnel will work as part of a resource assessment team on a long-term, ecoregional biodiversity monitoring project for linking species occupancy trends to land use and climate change in northern California. Set up, check, and take down baited camera stations for surveying mesocarnivores and other species. Conduct point count bird surveys. Deploy and retrieve electronic devices that automatically record bird vocalizations and bat echolocations. Download electronic data to a laptop computer. Communicate regularly with the lead person about plot visitation and survey completion logistics. Update an internet database on plot completion status. Review images to identify wildlife species. Collect vegetation survey data requiring an ability to identify tree and shrub species, using standardized forest inventory methods, and legibly enter data on paper forms. Enter survey data into databases. Prepare monthly reports such as time sheets, travel expense claims, and mileage logs. Ability and willingness to be away from home for up to a week, camping out in remote areas. Willingness to work in inclement weather, and in steep terrain that supports native wildlife, poison oak, and biting insects. Field work is seasonal and will occur during 2 main periods: August - November and May - September. There may be opportunity for additional office-based work between the 2 periods, but there is no guarantee at this point. Preference will be given to applicants who can commit to both time periods, or who have an interest in working seasonally on a long-term basis as this is a multi-year, long-term project. To Apply: Mail or hand-deliver a standard State Application Form (Std. Form 678), brief cover letter, current resume, and a copy of college transcripts to: Department of Fish and Wildlife Attn: Jodi Berg 601 Locust St. Redding, CA 96001
Minimum Qualifications: -- Possession of a valid Driver License -- Either: I. Education: Equivalent to completion of 2 years of college with a minimum of 10 semester hours in biological or chemistry sciences, or II. One year of experience in surveying, studying, or evaluating fish or wildlife populations, data habitats or users, or working in a chemistry laboratory. -- Physical strength and agility; and ability to carry 40 pounds over rough terrain. Knowledge and Abilities: -- Knowledge of: Familiarity with the fundamentals of fish and wildlife management and ecology and general concepts or principles involved in the departmental assignment. -- Ability to: Read, write, and speak English at a level required for successful job performance; organize work and reason logically; analyze situations accurately; collect data in the laboratory and/or field; make and record accurate laboratory and field observations; summarize and analyze laboratory and field data; write clear, brief reports; rapidly learn to identify fish, wildlife, invertebrates and/or plants; work independently with minimal supervision; understand fish and wildlife regulations and explain their purpose to the public; maintain and repair specialized equipment in the field or shop; establish and maintain cooperative relationships with those contacted in the course of the work; follow directions; use computer equipment effectively; gain experience in the methods and ethics of professional conduct and practices. -- Willingness to: work irregular hours including weekends and holidays and to travel in performing field work throughout the State; willingness to do routine work in order to learn; interest in and aptitude for the work; willingness to wear a uniform.
Contact Person
Jodi Berg
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