Ranch and Facilities Manager: Texas

Grainger Ranch Recruiting
Langtry, Texas
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Full time Positions
$40,000 +/- Based on Experience, Medical Insurance, Work Vehicle, Housing on site with all utilities and cable paid
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As the Ranch & Facilities Manager of 11,000-acre ranch, you will be responsible for any/all tasks associated with the operations and maintenance of the ranch, including but not limited to the following:
You will be responsible for the record/account keeping and budgeting, planning and time management. Guest relations and hospitality are of utmost importance. The personnel on the property are your responsibility and you will be expected to provide a comfortable and hard working environment. The men and women that work here have been here a long time and have earned their keep. We want them to respect you and for you to do the same for them.

You will be the lead wildlife manager for the property. These responsibilities include but are not limited to: Conducting game surveys, calculating harvest recommendations, acquiring and keeping up with all aspects of the MLD program and tags, Game record keeping, managing the Breed Pens and their status, scouting game animals and birds, running game cameras and logging all relevant pictures for management use and the families viewing, keeping feeders filled at all times, keeping guns sighted in and cleaned after each trip. Predator control is of utmost importance and should be conducted year round via any legal means!

The general duties are tasks that are expected of everyone on the ranch. But, as the ranch manager and leader of this team, you will be responsible for accomplishing all of these tasks alongside the employees. The general duties include but are not limited to: All reasonable lodge maintenance, grounds keeping and maintenance of lawns, pools and equipment, sprinkler systems ect… All agriculture including disking, planting, fertilizing, cultivating, and mowing of crops, In the event that we promote this plan in the future. Dog care and training, Keeping the roads and hunting areas mowed and neat, keeping hunting blinds clean and ready for hunting, infrastructure maintenance via blading, rolling and limbing, monitoring and repair of water systems and lines, lake and pond care.
Previous ranch manager experience required.

Please send resume and references to graingerranchrecruiting@gmail.com with Pecos as the subject line. Thank you!
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Rob Grainger
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