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Grainger Ranch Recruiting
Carrizo Springs, Texas
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Full time Positions
$50,000 Annually for the team, $5,000 stipend for Health Insurance, 401k benefits matched, Performance based year-end bonus, Cell Phone expensed, Work vehicle for work purposes, Housing on premises with expenses paid, Satellite TV and Electricity
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This low fenced 17,000 acre ranch is a privately held family leased hunting operation. The primary lessee has been there for nearly 40 years. There are four families that use the property each with an assigned number of weekends based upon their level of ownership in the program. The ranch has a very nice compound of housing on site for the guests and is well built for hunting and entertainment. Typically there will be anywhere from two to ten guests on site at any given weekend during hunting season and far less activity during offseason. The busiest time of year is from November to the end of January while early and late season is light. The ranch has an intensive wildlife management plan that has been in place for decades. Surrounded by very large equally management minded landowners, the ranch is under a cooperative management regime with the neighbors.

As the Ranch & Facilities Manager, you will be responsible for any/all tasks associated with the operations and maintenance of the property, including but not limited to:

• Maintenance of landscaping around housing to include regular mowing, weed eating, weed removal, watering, maintaining certain trees, plants and pest control
• Maintenance of buildings at headquarters, keeping them clean and organized with appliances and systems in good repair. Maintenance and minor repair/carpentry/painting can be performed by employees and ranch hands while more specialized repairs may require a professional contractor which the manager would supervise and direct
• Maintain ranch vehicles, equipment and tools. Keep vehicles in good running order and arrange for and supervise mechanic if larger repairs are needed. Start and drive each vehicle weekly
• Keep vehicles and equipment clean and organized and have things ready for use when guests arrive
• Keep the interior rooms and porches of all buildings neat and clean” have them clean and ready for use before guests arrive. Keep living areas and kitchen neat while guests are present, and clean all rooms and change linens/wash them directly after guests depart.
• Cooking 3 meals per day when guests are present. It is preferable to have a diverse menu of good tasting, nutritious and healthy foods. Clean up shortly after each meal. Pick up living areas when guests are outside
• Managers will keep adequate stock of supplies on premises including drinks, food for guests, as well as supplies for cleaning, vehicles and landscaping needs. Employees are to conserve supplies and maintain controls over those items and related expenses.
• Keep the grounds/buildings free of trash. Remove trash from all trash cans around the buildings and take to dump, burn trash when conditions favor. Check and inspect all buildings on a regular basis.
• Maintain airstrip areas. Check airstrip game fence for holes from time to time, kill and remove weeds on airstrip, keep grass shredded and hangar neat and organized. Schedule ranch road work that is unable to be done in house as needed.
• Maintain firewood supply from the ranch for fire pits and fireplaces
• Two contract hunting guides are generally in camp from early September through mid-February. They will assist with guests and help supervises responsibilities related to scouting, hunting and fishing on the ranch. Part time guides are available for scheduling as needed.
• Schedule hunting guides, manage hunt process, assist with guide duties when requested.
• Schedule/Supervise additional ranch help when needed including extra cooking and cleaning help and outside contractors. Work alongside and encourage teamwork and strong work ethic among all ranch team members
• Maintain records of rainfall, maintenance items, wildlife harvest records and prepare reports as requested. Fill feeders as needed. Help with set up of blinds, tripods and trail cameras at agreed locations.
• Treat partners/guests, their families and guests with courtesy, respect, professionalism and willingness to help make their stay enjoyable. Guests will call in advance of their planned stay in accordance with the Ranch Schedule and discuss their plans and coordinate with the manager. Managers purchase groceries in town as needed for menu/meals prior to guests arrival. Maintain checking account, debit card, records and invoices ect as coordinated with the primary office.
• This is a family operation and the goal is for the families of the partners and their guests to enjoy their stay at the ranch.
Please send resume and references to graingerranchrecruiting@gmail.com with Carrizo Springs as the subject line. Thank you!
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Rob Grainger
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