Raptor Research Technician: New Jersey

Cape May Raptor Banding Project, Inc.
Cape May, New Jersey
Job Category
$3000 for the banding season
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Cape May Raptor Banding Project offers a unique opportunity for aspiring professionals in wildlife biology or related fields to gain valuable experience assisting in all aspects of our raptor banding as a Research Technician. The appointment runs from the end of August through the end of November. The selected candidate receives free housing, a stipend for their time and a work experience that helps build an impressive resume. Candidates should have some experience, education or training working with wildlife.The technician will assist with the following:
Set-up of banding stations including the placement and installation of blinds, nets, traps and other equipment.
Daily operation of banding stations including trapping and banding of birds of prey.
Data collection and reporting, including compilation of daily banding records and reporting banding data each week.
Providing support to other researchers cooperating with the Cape May Raptor Banding Project.
Conducting educational outreach through banding demonstrations and other programs
Candidate must have their own transportation in order to get to various banding stations on a daily basis. Some of the assigned duties are strenuous, and require good physical mobility and strength.The technician will be required to handle live birds and must be able to do so in a safe and sensitive manner. Because minor injuries are possible when handling raptors, an up to date tetanus shot is required.The technician must be willing and able to speak effectively to groups of people and conduct programs involving birds of prey.

Apply for this position by sending a resume to cmrbp@comcast.net
Contact Person
Paul Napier
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