Research Technician/Lab Manager: New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH
Job Category
Full time Positions
$40,020 plus benefits
Last Date to Apply
A full-time position of research technician is available at the University of New Hampshire in the lab of Dr. Adrienne Kovach.

We seek an experienced individual to perform a variety of laboratory research, organizational, and analytical tasks in the fields of molecular ecology and conservation genetics/genomics. The research technician will contribute to ongoing projects in the Kovach lab, including genetic and genomic analyses of adaptation and gene flow, landscape and conservation genetics, noninvasive genotyping for wildlife population monitoring and abundance estimation, and other studies integrating genetic and ecological data toward conservation management. More information can be found on the lab website:

The position is full-time for 1 year, with the opportunity for renewal upon satisfactory performance, and it provides a competitive salary with benefits.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities
1. Perform routine molecular biology tasks – e.g., DNA extraction, PCR, sequencing, genotyping, next-generation sequencing library preparation
2. Collect raw molecular genetic data (sequencing and genotyping data)
3. Perform standard population genetic analyses
4. Assist PI and lab members with analyses of molecular data
5. Maintain records (hard copy and digital laboratory notebooks) of research work
6. Assist and supervise undergraduate students in the laboratory
7. Manage day-to-day organization and functions of the lab, under direction of PI
8. Assist with or conduct supplies inventory and ordering
9. Work cooperatively and collaboratively with PI, graduate students, and other laboratory members
10. Additional duties as assigned; may include: assisting in development of molecular assays, analysis of next-generation sequencing data, and assigning with preparation of manuscripts for publication.
Minimum Acceptable Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences (biology, genetics, ecology, conservation biology, wildlife)
At least 2 years prior experience conducting molecular laboratory work.
Basic laboratory bench skills, including PCR, DNA sequencing, and genotyping

Additional Desirable Qualifications
Graduate degree with thesis or dissertation research in molecular ecology
Experience with population genetics analyses
Experience with next generation sequencing, library preparation, and data analysis
Collaborative research experience
Skills and interest in report and manuscript writing
Proficiency in R
Skills in bioinformatics
GIS skills

To apply
Applications should include 1) a cover letter describing skills, qualifications and motivation for applying, 2) a CV, and 3) a list of references; and should be submitted online: and also emailed to
Please contact Adrienne Kovach at with any questions.
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