Reserve Technician: Montana

American Praire Reserve
Malta, MT
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Job Purpose: Provide assistance in the operation and maintenance of the land infrastructure, facilities, structures, grasslands and wildlife. Actual job duties may include parts or all of the duties listed below dependent on the needs of the business and the qualifications of the Reserve Technician.

Maintenance Support
• Engage in maintenance and construction of wildlife friendly and electric fence, make repairs as assigned and document all fence maintenance.
• Assist with maintenance and construction of bison facilities.
• Assist with maintenance and upkeep of Reserve facilities including houses, outbuildings and property.
• Assist with the construction and maintenance of structures.
• Painting, staining and refinishing, mowing, watering, digging and snow removal.
• Assist with the control of invasive and noxious weeds including application of chemical spray.
• Report breakage, damage and perceived safety concerns.
• Assist with basic mechanical repair on vehicles, UTVs, ATVs and other pieces of heavy equipment.
• Assist with housekeeping and hospitality, as needed.
• Other tasks and projects as mutually agreed upon by facilities assistant and APR.
• Assist with evaluating needed repairs to Reserve assets and timely report safety violations to Bison Operations Specialist and Facilities Supervisor.
• Demonstrate positive representation of APR’s mission, goals, values and culture.
• Ability to live in a remote and highly collaborative work environment.
• Available for work and timely in reporting for and completing work.
• Dependable follow through of work assigned and agreed upon.
• Follow instructions and ask necessary questions to ensure tasks and responsibilities are completed accurately.
• Complete job duties to the specification set forth by employer and in a manner that meets health, sanitation and safety standards and policies including appropriate use of safety and protective equipment.
• Demonstrate a proactive and motivated work ethic with ability to work quickly and efficiently to complete tasks and responsibilities.
• Work independently as well as collaboratively with others.
• Use cleaning products and tools such as disinfectants, degreasers, solvents, broom, vacuum, etc.
• Ability to use maintenance tools and equipment such as hand tools and power tools.
• Ability to physically exert self, including lifting and carrying up to 50 pounds or more with assistance.
• Ability to stand, squat, kneel, bend, stoop, reach, and work from a ladder.
• Ability to climb and descend stairs and ladders.
• Dependent on APR needs, ability to drive trucks, tractors, backhoe, snowmobiles, and off highway vehicles.
• Ability to safely work and operate off road vehicles in uneven terrain and adverse weather conditions.
• Valid driver’s license and reliable transportation to work areas and the ability to drive on poorly maintained roads and in various weather conditions to get to work areas.

To apply:
Send cover letter and resume to
Contact Person
Scott Heideibrink
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