Resource Stewardship Crew Leader: Florida

Gulf Islands National Seashore/NPS
Gulf Breeze, FL
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Main goals for this position to accomplish:
The Resource Stewardship Crew Leader will be responsible for ensuring that the Resource Stewardship Crew, made up of four qualified interns plus the lead, represents the stories and legacy of Gulf Islands National Seashore and the National Park Service.

This internship position offers a student the opportunity to learn about the legacy of black powder weaponry at historic sites, the ability to lead environmental education programming at a national seashore, and the experience to gain valuable leadership skills expected in public land stewardship.

Work to be performed:
• Demonstrating the life of a soldier, in any of the roles that they may have played within the sites of Gulf Islands National Seashore.
• Firing black powder rifles and cannon.
• Responsibility for the members of the crew, made up of four high school or college aged interns.
• Providing interpretive programs to diverse groups of visitors on a regular basis, including curriculum-based programs, living history programs, and recreational programs (kayaking, snorkeling and seining). Programs include both natural and historical themes.
• Roving assigned work area and sharing with our visitors the importance of park cultural and natural resources, ensuring a safe and enjoyable visitor experience.

Benefits to the Intern:
The Resource Stewardship Crew Leader will be able to work with park staff to improve and prolong the Historic Weapons Program, and other interpretive programs. Through their work, this intern will increase the public’s understanding of Gulf Islands National Seashore’s cultural and natural significance. The intern has a direct effect on individual and group safety, education, and appreciation of park history. This internship can be considered a continuation of the education the candidate has received. The park staff works to ensure that internships are a mutually beneficial.

Park housing is available to those who qualify.

This position is AmeriCorps Eligible, qualifying a candidate for a Segal Education Award under the classification of a Minimal-Time & Summer Associate (300 hours).
Training will be provided on how to deliver and present historic weapons, interpretation, and recreational programs.

Knowledge and Skills:
• Background knowledge of basic ecology and biology, and/or cultural history of the park desired.
• Leadership experience desired.
• Strong critical thinking skills.
• Dedication to attention to detail.
• Excellent oral and written communication and customer service skills.
• Ability to learn basic information about Gulf Islands National Seashore and the local area.
• Ability to work unsupervised, as part of a team or independently.

Length of commitment:
The expected time frame for this internship will be 8-weeks during the summer season, 40 hours each week. The position is projected to start on June 12th, 2017. The first two weeks of training will be a Monday through Friday schedule. After this, the work week will be Thursday through Monday, with Tuesday and Wednesday as the designated days off.

Tools, equipment, and vehicles to be operated: The Resource Stewardship Crew Leader will operate a government vehicle. The intern will be able to utilize a historic uniform, a black powder weapon (cannon or musket), as well as the equipment to ensure a safe firing range. They will also be expected to maintain the current condition of the park’s water equipment, which includes but is not limited to the kayaking and snorkeling equipment.

How to apply:
Applicants are asked to send a cover letter expressing their interest and a resume to to the attention of Brent Everitt. If there are questions about the position, please direct them here as well.
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Brent Everitt
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