Volunteer Field Assistant on Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico- rhesus macaques

The Research Foundation of SUNY
Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico
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This is a volunteer position. No salary is available.
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I am seeking one volunteer research assistant to aid in the collection of behavioral and hormonal data of rhesus macaques on Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico. The goal of the project is to examine the potential role of several proximate mechanisms mediating primate cooperative exchanges. The assistant will be responsible for 1) collecting behavioral data, 2) collecting fecal samples for later hormonal analysis, and 3) regular data entry.
This is a great opportunity for someone looking to gain experience in fieldwork/ data collection prior to admission to graduate school. The assistant will be trained in observational methodologies. Prior to formal data collection, they will have to pass inter-observer reliability tests on identifying individuals and ethogram behaviors. A degree in primatology, animal behavior, anthropology, biology, or a related field is desirable. Previous experience with wildlife fieldwork is also a plus. Ideal candidates are those that can stay for the full duration of the project: ASAP/April 2017- February 2018.

Candidates should be mentally strong, physically fit, and able to deal with extreme heat. The work can be physically demanding, with data collected 5-6 days a week. The ability to contribute not only with data collection, but also data entry is required, thus knowledge of Excel is a must. Candidates should be mature, reliable, trustworthy, patient, and capable of working independently and as a team. Additionally, candidates will live and work together, so they must be respectful. The language of our team is English.

Unfortunately, at this time I can only offer the position to someone with a valid US passport or visa.

This is a volunteer position. However, some support will be provided to candidates, but ONLY after successful completion of a mutually agreed upon term of appointment. The support will include one roundtrip flight to Puerto Rico from the US (reimbursed for up to $500, including ground transportation from the airport to the field site). The PI will rent a multi-bedroom apartment for the duration of the project, which will house the PI and the assistants. As such, lodging for the assistants (~$250/month) will be covered from grants, to the extent that funding will allow. Food, personal field equipment (excluding data tabulation devices), clothing, and personal health insurance/medical expenses (including the required TB tests and blood work to work on Cayo Santiago) will NOT be covered by the project. Field station fees will be covered by the project.

To apply for the position, please email your CV and a cover letter describing your research interests and previous experience. In the cover letter, please also provide the contact information of two academic references.
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Erica Dunayer
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