Wildlife Biologist: California

Ventura, California
Job Category
Full time Positions
$37,009.00 – $72,901.00
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
• Serve as a Wildlife Biologist conducting a Wildlife Hazard Management Program at Point Mugu in Ventura County, California.
• Provides operational and technical assistance while conducting wildlife damage management and assessment for the purpose of reducing conflicts between wildlife (primarily birds) and aircraft.
• Conducts ecological surveys/studies documenting wildlife presence before and after implementation of wildlife damage management programs.
• Gathers, compiles, and evaluates data on damage caused by birds and mammals, primarily to aircraft operations.
• Conducts much of his/her time working independently and/or with Point Mugu airport staff.
• Develops and implements strategies to alleviate wildlife aircraft hazards.
• Modifies and adapts established wildlife damage management methods as necessary.
• Provides USDA certified training through workshops and training sessions to airport and USDA personnel when necessary.
• Prepares scientific and administrative program reports.
• Collects and analyzes pertinent data to develop strategies and techniques.
All applicants must submit a copy of their college transcript(s) in order to be considered for this position. This does not have to be an official or certified copy.

All applicants must meet one of the following educational requirements:
A) A degree in biological science that included at least 9 semester hours in such wildlife subjects as mammalogy, ornithology, animal ecology, wildlife management, or research courses in the field of wildlife biology; and at least 12 semester hours in zoology in such subjects as general zoology, invertebrate zoology, vertebrate zoology, comparative anatomy, physiology, genetics, ecology, cellular biology, parasitology, entomology, or research courses in such subjects (Excess courses in wildlife biology may be used to meet the zoology requirements where appropriate.); and at least 9 semester hours in botany or the related plant sciences.

B) A combination of education and experience--equivalent to a major in biological science (i.e., at least 30 semester hours), with at least 9 semester hours in wildlife subjects, 12 semester hours in zoology, and 9 semester hours in botany or related plant science, as shown in A above, plus appropriate experience or additional education.

To qualify at the GS-7 level applicants must meet the educational requirements above and also have 1 year of professional wildlife biologist experience equivalent to GS-5 in the Federal Service, OR have 1 year of graduate level education in wildlife biology or a related field OR meet the provisions of Superior Academic Achievement found at: http://www.opm.gov/qualifications/SEC-II/s2-e5.htm OR have an equivalent combination of the type and level of experience and education described above.

To qualify at the GS-9 level applicants must meet the educational requirements above and also have 1 year of professional wildlife biologist experience equivalent to GS-7 in the Federal Service, OR have 2 years of graduate level education leading to a master’s degree or equivalent graduate degree in wildlife biology or a related field OR have an equivalent combination of the type and level of experience and education described above.

Applicants must meet all qualification requirements by the closing date of this announcement.

Applicants must show they possess the specialized experience, education, or combination of the two, as described in the Job Specific Questions for this position.

You may review the OPM Qualifications Standards Handbook for more information at www.opm.gov/qualifications/sec-iii/a/num-ndx.htm.

- Must pass the California Qualified Applicator’s Certification (QAC) within one year of hire date.
- Must obtain or have a valid California driver’s license.
- Must have a knowledge of and be capable of using:
- Wildlife damage management techniques
- Working with the public and other cooperating agencies
- Communication skills

a. Cover Letter,
b. Complete up-to-date Application for Federal Employment resume or OF-612,
c. Your answers to the four Factors in the Supplemental Experience Statement,
d. The completed Firearms Certification form, and
e. copy of college transcripts, to:

U.S. Department of Agriculture
Wildlife Services
3419A Arden Way
Sacramento, CA 95825

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you should need the forms identified in above paragraphs b. and d., feel free to contact 916-979-2675 for a copy.

Failure to follow application instructions regarding filing appropriate forms and answering questions may result in loss of employment considerations for this position. All applications must be signed, dated, and received by the closing date of this announcement.

All candidates will be considered without regarding to race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor.

Relocation costs will NOT be paid for this position.

Your application (regardless of format) must contain the following information (Privacy and public burden statements for Federal job applications are described in OPM’s pamphlet “Applying for a Federal Job,” OF-510)

Job Information:
Announcement number, and title and grade(s) of the job for which you are applying.

Personnel Information:
Full name, mailing address with zip code
Day and evening phone numbers
Social Security Number
Veterans’ preference (See previous page)
Country of citizenship (U.S. citizenship is required)
Highest grade held in Federal Service (with the job series and dates held)

High School (name, city, state, and zip code) and date of diploma or GED
Colleges and Universities attended
Name, city, state, and zip code
Academic major(s)
Type and year of any degrees received (If no degree, show total credits earned and indicate whether semester or quarter hours. Include a transcript only if required)

Work Experience: For all paid and unpaid work experience related to the job for which you are applying, provide:

Job title (Include series and grade, if a Federal job)
Duties and accomplishments (be specific)
Employer’s name and address
Supervisor’s name and telephone number (Indicate if we may contact your current Supervisor)
Starting and ending dates
Number of hours worked per week

Other qualifying Information: (Give dates, but do not send documents unless specifically requested)

Job-related skill (for example, computer hardware/software; typing speed; public speaking)

Job-related licenses or certificates (current) Honors, awards, publications, and memberships in professional or honor societies

Job-related training courses (title and year)


Prior to entering a position requiring the possession of a firearm and/or ammunition, you must certify that you meet the qualifications for the position in order to comply with Title 18, United States Code, Section922(g)(9) which was effective on September 30, 1996. This law prohibits anyone who has a past conviction for a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence from possessing firearms and/or ammunition. "Misdemeanor crime of domestic violence" is generally defined as any offense--whether or not explicitly described in the statute as a crime of domestic violence--which has, as its factual basis, the use or attempted use of physical force, or the threatened use of a deadly weapon, was committed by the victim's current or former domestic partner, parent, or guardian. The term "convicted" is generally defined in the statute as excluding anyone whose conviction has been expunged or been set aside, or has received a pardon.

This provision applies to persons convicted at any time prior to or after the passage of the September 30, 1996, amendment. Moreover, there is no exemption for law enforcement officers and agents. If you have ever been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence within the meaning of the statute, you may not be placed in a position requiring the possession of a firearm or ammunition.

Prior to being placed in a position requiring the possession of a firearm or ammunition, you must complete this certification. Depending on your response, additional information may be required from you at a later date. Please complete the certification and sign on the appropriate line below. If you are unsure whether the law applies, please consult with the servicing Employee Relations Specialist on (301) 734-6486.




I hereby certify that, to the best of my information and belief, all of the information provided by me is true, correct, complete and made in good faith. I understand that false or fraudulent information provided herein may be grounds for future adverse action up to and including removal, and is also criminally punishable pursuant to Federal law, including 18 U.S.C. 1001,

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