Wind Farm Impact Assessment Technician: Pennsylvania

Sanders Environmental Inc
Somerset County, PA
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$10-$12 per Hour, Housing is not provided; personal vehicle is required.
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Technician will search grids daily for bird and bat carcasses below active wind turbines. Searcher will walk marked grids (120m x 120m) slowly and look for carcasses. Upon finding a carcass, complete a data sheet and collect the carcass for ID. Searches will commence around sunrise. Searches will be abandoned if severe or otherwise unsafe weather (heavy rain, lightening, etc.) conditions are present. In such a case, searches will resume that day if changing weather conditions allow sufficient time to complete all searches prior to dusk. The position will require approximately 80 hours per two week pay period.
Individual will search approximately 5 days a week with 2 days off. Days-off won’t necessarily be weekends. Scheduling can be altered by poor weather conditions. Individuals will be responsible for recording legible, precise, descriptive data. Technicians will also be responsible for simple repairs/upkeep of grids (i.e. replacing broken stakes, repainting lines), coming to the field prepared (bringing provided gear, packing clothing relevant to the weather, maintaining their own vehicle), and keeping up on the provided information for sunrise/sunset schedules and monthly work schedules. Successful applicants will also be expected to carry themselves in a professional manner.

No degree required. We are looking for a very reliable and punctual individual to complete this task.

Please send as a PDF or Word attachment a letter of interest describing your experience, your resume, and the contact information (including email) for three references to Amanda Brumbaugh:
Contact Person
Amanda Brumbaugh
Contact eMail
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