Career Search

Finding jobs is one thing, but what about a career? The links below are meant to help you place your job search in context.

The most reliable and comprehensive educational resource about the career of a game warden. The website offers a glimpse into the lives of professionals in the fields of conservation, wildlife preservation and environmental science who have brought their knowledge and experience into a wide range of environmentally-minded careers.

Careers and Jobs in Biology

From the Science and Engineering Library at the University at Buffalo: a monumental assemblage of links, useful for both students and professionals.

Careers in Marine Biology and Aquatic Sciences

An eclectic and extensive set of links, dealing with careers in marine research and education, as well as the all-time favorite question: “Where can I work with dolphins?” Careers

Articles and news as well as open forum discussions; targeted primarily for grad students, postdocs and freshly minted Ph.Ds.

Environmental Consulting Career Tips

Interviews with professionals in the environmental consulting industry and their responses.

Marine Careers

Introduction to a wide range of marine career fields and to people working in those fields.

What Do Ecologists Do?

A set of short bios of professional ecologists, detailing the various paths they followed.

New Scientist

The best science & technology jobs, courses, and career advice.


Wide range of jobs, each with a particular focus, specific duties, and responsibilities.

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