12-Month internship with the Echinacea Project

Echinacea Project
Douglas County, MN and Glencoe, IL
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Starting at $12.50/hour + summer housing
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The Echinacea Project again is offering a 12-month internship for soon-to-be graduates. We investigate ecology and evolution in fragmented prairie habitat in Minnesota, focusing on a model organism, the purple coneflower. We have many potential projects for interns with backgrounds or interests in plant ecology, pollination biology, evolution, statistics, conservation, and computer programming. We also have diverse potential projects for interns with little field research experience but enthusiasm to learn. In the past, interns have completed projects on a variety of topics including pollination biology, prairie restoration, and plant-herbivore interactions. All positions are paid with the echinacea project are paid.
Desired skills and experience for all applicants include: collecting and managing data, completing tasks independently and on time, conducting experiments, using maps, communicating clearly in writing, paying attention to detail, and working effectively with diverse people, including scientists, volunteers, students, and interns. Additionally, we will assemble a team including interns with complementary skills and interests above and beyond those listed above. Other valuable interests or experience include but are not limited to: performing outdoor physical work in adverse conditions, conducting statistical analyses, computer programming, using R, supervising citizen scientists, mentoring students, conducting artificial crosses, organizing and curating specimens, automating systems, outreach, growing plants, and identifying insects. If you are interested, please apply and let us know what you can contribute! Information on how to apply can be found here: http://echinaceaproject.org/research-intern-2019/ Other opportunities with the project including shorter-term and REU positions can be found here: http://echinaceaproject.org/opportunities/ Applications are due on March 7th. The team and I are happy to answer any questions.
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Stuart Wagenius
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