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-Experience your own AmaZOOnico adventure, a truly special and life-enriching experience 😃 -Learn about wildlife management and conservation 🐵 -Work hard with like-minded people for the preservation of the Amazon rainforest creating a special bond and a positive energy that will always be in your memories 💚 -Join our forest rangers on patrols around Selva Viva our protected forest 🏕️ -Learn about the culture of the Indigenous communities that call the Amazon home 🌱 Help, Learn, Enjoy! If you are passionate about animals and nature conservation, we are your place! We rehabilitate wild animals who were victims of illegal trafficking and release them back into the Amazon. We provide a safe home for those who can't be released, and create awareness about the perils of wildlife traffic within our community and around the world. Our mission is to conserve Amazon wildlife, support indigenous communities, and make a real contribution to a healthier planet for all. As an amaZOOnico volunteer you will be directly involved in our work, helping and learning while going on a unique meaningful journey of your own. Experience the Amazon and help us to protect the forest and its animals. Help us with the daily work of caring for the animals - feeding, cleaning, enrichments, and environmental education. Work at Amazoonico is hard but very rewarding! Join us in the Ecuadorian rainforest and help us to protect the forest and its animals. Take advantage of a unique opportunity to participate in our project! *We follow strict biosafety rules in regards to COVID-19
Passionate about animals and nature conservation? Come help us save the rainforest and its amazing creatures. To learn more and submit your application, please visit: Volunteers help 5 days a week, and have two days off. The main work is caring for the animals. We have resident and temporary animals. All must be fed two times daily and their enclosures cleaned. The work can be hard especially when carrying whole banana trunks and other fruit which we buy for the animals from local people three times a week. You will be expected to guide tourists around, giving information about our projects and animals. In addition, volunteer perform other duties like build enrichments, collect fresh leaves for the animals, help with the new construction projects and help maintain the center in general. A typical day 7 am Searching the sacks for ripe bananas and plantains and preparing the bucket for disinfecting the fruits. The person in charge of the bodega will use them to prepare the first feeding Cleaning the cages and feeding the animals 9 – 9:30 am Breakfast + cleaning the utensils that you used for cleaning the cages after breakfast 9:30 am – 1 pm Cleaning the bodega + performing the scheduled group task. Lead guided visits 1 – 2 pm Lunch 2 pm – 4pm Preparing food for the animals afternoon feeding Feeding the animals Clean the bodega Perform the individual end of day task + perform the voluntary task agreed at the Sunday meeting
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Scott Ford, Project Coordinator
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