ACE Pacific West Conservation Crew Member

American Conservation Experience
Sacramento, CA and Ridgecrest, CA
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$200/week Living Allowance. Housing and food provided. Members also earn an AmeriCorps Education Award after successfully completing their term.
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Term of Service Description: AmeriCorps Members in our Crew program are expected to partake in resource conservation projects 40 hours each week of their term of service. Members can expect to learn field conservation techniques as they engage in field projects on public lands. Hands-on training is provided and may include concepts of trail construction, dry stone masonry, invasive plant removal, revegetation, fence construction, forest ecology and restoration techniques, safety training, Leave No Trace principles, and more. Under the guidance of ACE's skilled Crew Leaders and Project Managers members may be exposed to a variety of partners and project types. The goal of ACE's Crew program is to complete meaningful conservation projects on public lands while providing personal and professional growth opportunities for members interested in advancing their career in natural resource management, conservation, or a variety of other fields. This service position will entail the following: Working 10 hours per day for 4-8 consecutive days on a crew comprised of 4-20 other service members in outdoor locations. 40 hours/week of project time expected regularly. 3-6 days off in between projects. Working and camping (including the potential to camp in the backcountry) in a variety of weather and conditions including extreme temperatures, high winds, intense sunshine, precipitation, and high elevations. Serving on environmental stewardship projects including (but not limited to): trail construction/maintenance, dry stone masonry, retaining wall and rock step construction, fence construction, invasive plant management, native plant revegetation, fuels reduction, fire mitigation, and habitat restoration. Hiking extended distances on potentially steep and rough terrain with a 40-pound backpack Location(s): Projects are expected to be within a several hour driving radius of Ridgecrest, CA and/or Sacramento, CA where ACE Pacific West has base locations. Transportation to and from project sites is provided by ACE. Member project assignments are scheduled well in advance but are subject to change. Projects may take place at high elevation uplands and mountains, coastal areas, sand dunes, valleys, grasslands, and inland foothills where temperatures vary from very cold and rainy to very hot and dry. You can expect to experience a combination of conditions from frost or rain, high winds, to thick fog, to extremely dry conditions. Housing for off-days is located near our Ridgecrest, CA and/or Sacramento, CA headquarters. Transfer between housing locations and/or between base locations is possible due to project requirements. ACE housing is shared among all current crew members and Crew Leaders. Dorm-style accommodations include a bed, personal storage, shared bathrooms, WI-FI, full shared kitchen, and furnished living and dining rooms. Benefits: Housing (dorm-style residential housing on off days, housing in tents, barracks, or cabins on project days) is included at no cost to the member. A bi-weekly living allowance of $480 before taxes. All transport to and from field projects is included. Upon completion of their terms of service, members earn a Segal Education Award. Those who serve a 450 hour term receive an award of $1,718.25. Those who serve a 900 hour AmeriCorps members receive an award of $3,247.50. More information regarding amount and eligibility, see the AmeriCorps website. Food is provided at no cost to members on all project days. Project campsites include all cooksets, stoves, and supplies for members to make their meals during project trips. Training is typically project dependent but can include trail construction and maintenance, Leave No Trace (LNT), restoration techniques, wilderness first aid (WFA), chainsaw training, power tool training, plant propagation, invasive species removal, fencing, masonry techniques and trail engineering, and safety training. Members should expect to be trained in all the tools and techniques needed to successfully complete their scheduled conservation projects.
The ACE Conservation Corps Crew program is an excellent way to engage in national service, start or further your professional development, and invest in your future. It is also a stepping stone to environmental careers and can be a gateway to advancement within conservation organizations throughout the country. In addition, service with ACE is an interesting and rewarding way to spend several months working in beautiful locations with other members who share a passion for conservation and the outdoors. AmeriCorps members serving on ACE field crews should take joy in tackling challenges with a positive mindset. Applicants should be willing to undertake physical work in all types of weather and terrain, and to participate as a team member dedicated to ACE's mission.
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