Acquisition Management Specialist: Long Beach, CA Portland, OR or Seattle, WA

NOAA Fisheries
Long Beach, CA Portland, OR or Seattle, WA
Job Category
Full time Positions
$70,853 - $118,635 per year
Last Date to Apply
As an Acquisition Management Specialist, you will perform the following duties: • Work with staff to formulate and develop new agreements, including General Counsel, Budget, and Finance that are under applicable regulatory authority and ensure that each agreement has all required language to implement required terms and conditions. • Finalize agreements with all parties and initiate actions to create the agreement funding in the financial system(s) in order to enter spending plans. • Monitor spend rates of the agreements to perform an in-depth analysis to verify progress and allowability of expenses; review quarterly bills and generate required progress reports for distribution to all parties; ensure all bills are paid, and initiate follow-up on delinquent bills; and resolve major issues with allow-ability of costs, delinquent payments, etc. • Perform review of all accumulated expenses to ensure there are no overruns or unallowable charges; work with various parties to ensure that all funds are expended or de-obligated in a timely manner; and initiate action to close the agreement, routing through the appropriate parties for signature. • Conduct analysis of inter-agency agreements funding and obligation data; provide guidance and expertise on agreements processes to include pre- and post-award procedures; and perform assessments for new and current agreement activities evaluating outcomes to take corrective actions when appropriate.
SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: One full year (52 weeks) of specialized experience equivalent to the ZA-2 or GS-09 in the Federal service. Specialized experience MUST include all of the following: Assisting in the development of agreement budgets that include all recoverable costs, including overhead; and Contributing to modifications made to agreements that address extensions, the addition of funds, changes in scope of work, or other actions as needed.
Contact Person
Kacey Haro
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