African Game Wildlife Hand – Central Texas

Cook Canyon Ranch
Ranger, Texas
Job Category
Full time Positions
$ 13.00 per hour
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The African Game Wildlife Hand is responsible for the daily feeding, husbandry and facility maintenance for African wildlife in managed enclosures as directed by the African Wildlife Manager. Provides high quality care for the assigned African animals and their housing. Supports and assists the African Wildlife Manager in other duties as assigned.
• Good observation skills • Ability to work around animals in a calm manner • Ability to lift up to 75 lbs. • Must be able to work outside of normal business hours, such as weekends and holidays, as assigned by African Game manager • Ability to work independently in harsh conditions (Texas heat, cold, and rain) • Must be detail oriented and organized • Ability to successfully perform the responsibilities of this position • Ability to communicate effectively both verbal and written • Must have a basic understanding of computer applications such as Word, Excel, and any other related • Must have a valid driver’s license in good standing, the ability to be an approved driver for the company, and to safely operate vehicles, including heavy machinery • Must pass a drug test as per Cook Canyon Ranch policies • Must possess any certificates, licenses, or registrations deemed necessary for this position, to be in compliance with any and all local, state, federal or any other type regulatory agency
Contact Person
Ron Surratt
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