African Wildlife Rehabilitation and Rescue Centre – South Africa 2019/2020

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The rehab centre cares for over hundred resident animals ranging from eagles, vultures, servals and honey badgers to lions, leopards, wild dogs and hyenas. Some will never be released due to their permanent injuries, while others are not able to be released due to habitat loss. They remain at the centre as ambassadors for their species. You will join the local team and are involved in a wide variety of tasks providing the everyday care these animals require. During your stay you might be involved in call outs and rescues as well as releases. When animals are admitted to the centre, you are given the opportunity to observe the clinic team administering the necessary nursing treatment. For more complex cases, a veterinary surgeon will be consulted. Your duties consists of caring for the animals and involves everything from feeding and cleaning to providing stimulation for the more intelligent residents. The very nature of the work often involves long and unsociable hours. They require hard work, a good deal of cleaning, manual labour and a degree of physical fitness and stamina. You will are involved with all aspects of animal care from enclosure cleaning to food preparation and should expect to be undertaking the following tasks: • Cleaning water bowls • Removing food bowls • Raking enclosures • Removing faeces • Scrubbing surfaces • Sweeping pathways • Lifting and carrying tools and equipment • Repairing damaged enclosures • Fixing fences • Feeding and caring for babies if there are any during your stay • Collecting / cutting browse • Preparing feeds • Cutting up meat and chicks • Cleaning and sterilizing feeding utensils
NB: Anyone who is passionate about wildlife conservation is welcome to join this program. We can, based on requirements of your University or yourself, tailor the program to meet those needs. Otherwise, you will enrol in the standard program and work with other participants *students and volunteers* alongside staff members. Your day to day tasks are most important at the centre. Please keep in mind that no previous experience is needed in order for you to fulfil your daily tasks, all you will need is a love for animals and nature and be prepared to do the dirty work. Dedication and team work is the ‘key’ to a successful day of work. Working together and the tasks given be done with enthusiasm and properly will be appreciated. Remember that you are there for the animals. WHY DO YOU PAY TO PARTICIPATE? This centre relies on funding and does not have the capacity to cover the costs for accommodation, meals and other expenses of volunteers. Costs cover your accommodation, meals, transport to town Hoedspruit and laundry: 2 weeks 1400 EURO 3 weeks 1900 EURO 4 weeks 2300 EURO Rates excludes: Flights/transfers to Johannesburg Visa fees (if required) Travel Insurance Beverages DATES Depending on availability you can start on each day of the week, except for Sunday's
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