Alaska Plant Ecologist

SCA and US Forest Service
Cordova, Alaska
Job Category
$475 weekly plus housing and travel
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The main focus for this position will be working with the elodea monitoring project. This program includes aquatic plant identification, snorkeling in dry suits to complete transects and data management. This position will be part of a field crew (2-3 people) going to areas only accessible by boat, in the heart of the Copper River Delta. The incumbent will collaborate with ecologists and other field technicians to complete field logistics, collect data, enter data, analyze data, and write articles/reports on results. Additional projects may include: fungus festival, assessment and removal of invasive species, dusky Canada goose nest island monitoring and other biological survey work. This position will work in a variety of landscapes including but not limited to wetlands, forests, intertidal zones, and streams. Much of the field work is conducted from remote field camps and boats and planes are common modes of transportation. Much of the work can be physically demanding and may require long days carrying packs weighing up to 30 lbs and walking through wetlands and other challenging terrain. Coastal Alaska weather may be inclement and field crews can expect multiple day rain events in the middle of summer. Although challenging, this position will be the adventure of a lifetime! $1,500 – one time RT travel allowance $475 – weekly living allowance $300 – monthly housing allowance (to be used for USFS housing) AmeriCorps Education Award ($2,474.27)
Willing to work in the field in variable conditions including rain and wind. Good physical fitness Some plant ID skills Biology experience either in school or through jobs would prefer someone with college classes in biology, ecology and botany but that is not a deal breaker. start date is negotiable.
Contact Person
Erin Cooper
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