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The Amazon Megafish Migration project is currently seeking volunteers to help in several areas. The project includes data collection for two species, Atlantic tarpon and largetooth sawfish, for which data collection will begin in earnest in August, 2019 and continue until the end of November, 2019. The project includes both field sampling (for Atlantic tarpon), as well as work with museums, non-profits, and private collections to secure samples of sawfish rostral teeth for chemical analysis. Beyond fieldwork and sampling, the project will also include a large public outreach and fundraising component. During the sampling period we will be actively working to build public interest via social media, as well as fundraising using a crowdfunding model based on This effort will be bilingual, in English and Portuguese, with the intent of providing interesting and timely information on these incredible species and the places they inhabit. At the same time we hope to fund some travel and sample analysis through private foundation grants. To complete this ambitious scientific and public outreach campaign EcoWB is looking for volunteers with skills in Portugues-English translation, social media campaigning, grant making, and field work coordination. If you would like to participate in making this project a success use the following link: for a detailed description of the available positions and qualifications for each position. If you would like to learn more or apply, send your resume or CV and statement of interest to Jens Hegg at Please indicate the position for which you are applying and additional positions of interest if applicable.
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