AmeriCorps Disaster Response (A-DRT) Crew Member

Utah Conservation Corps
Southeast United States, Puerto Rico
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
AmeriCorps Living Allowance: $3,040 for the 30-day deployment (Note that this is taxable income) +• AmeriCorps Education Award: $1,342.86 (awarded upon successful completion of term) + • Per Diem during deployment: $55/day; $41.25 on first and last travel days
Last Date to Apply
About the Utah Conservation Corps & AmeriCorps Disaster Response Team The Utah Conservation Corps (UCC) is an AmeriCorps program dedicated to developing the conservation leaders of tomorrow. We’re a non-residential AmeriCorps program composed of AmeriCorps members, staff, and partners dedicated to service to our community, environment, and regions requiring disaster response efforts. We seek to provide a more welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds and experience levels to ensure a healthy, vibrant, innovative, and sustainable corps. Our goals are to encourage and support more diverse populations serving in an inclusive environment within the UCC and to recognize where we fall short and address our shortcomings. UCC is a part of AmeriCorps Disaster Response Team (A-DRT), a coalition of service programs from across the country dedicated to mobilizing our members to provide critical services at disaster sites. Over the past 10 years, UCC has sent crews to respond to Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, flooding in Louisiana, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, flooding in Iowa, and Hurricane Florence. ***Positions pending receipt of Mission Assignment*** Position Overview • Term of Service Dates *Exact deployment dates TBD upon receipt of Mission Assignment(s) o 1st Deployment Anticipated: Mid-November – Mid-December o 2nd Deployment Anticipated: Mid-December – Mid-January o Additional deployments may occur and will be announced as needed. • Locations: Southeast Region of the United States or the US Territory of Puerto Rico (Exact locations TBD) • Schedule: Deployments are 30 days. Schedules can vary day-to-day and will include holidays. • Application: Complete the following application (see more details below) A-DRT crews are deployed to address critical community needs related to disaster response and recovery work. UCC is enrolling Crew Members to fill AmeriCorps positions for deployment on an on-call basis. Crews consist of approximately 4-6 Crew Members under the supervision of a UCC Deployment Leader and are also supported by the UCC Deployment Coordinator and Program Coordinator. Crews will be assigned to projects by the Incident Command. This work may include mucking and gutting of affected homes, roof tarping, community volunteer management, and connecting residents to local social services. During the deployment, UCC will provide members with transportation, housing, a living allowance, and a daily per diem. Service in AmeriCorps also means that members are eligible to receive an education award upon successful completion of term hours and dates. Disaster response and recovery is rewarding work, but it is also emotionally and physically challenging. You will be working with communities that have undergone significant trauma and loss. Compassion, resilience, creativity, tenacity, and self-awareness are essential. Once deployed, members will have little to no time off and will serve on holidays. Additionally, members should be prepared to work and live in challenging conditions with little infrastructure.
• Service-minded, with a strong desire to help others • Positive attitude and a high level of maturity • Self-sufficient, adaptable, and flexible, including the ability to thrive in environments where there may be little leadership and the capacity to care for oneself in stressful environments • Ability to take on a variety of duties and projects related to conservation and disaster response • Team-oriented including being comfortable with living and serving in close proximity with others, • Capacity to manage conflicts proactively and productively • Must be in good physical condition, including ability to lift up to 30 lbs. repeatedly and spend up to 12 hours a day working in a variety of weather conditions Willingness to perform work that may require wearing personal protective equipment to mitigate potential exposure to molds, allergens, and other hazards • High School Diploma or GED, minimum • At least 18 years of age • U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident • Able to undergo and pass State and Federal background checks • Eligible to enroll in AmeriCorps
Contact Person
UCC Recruiter
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