AmeriCorps Education and Restoration Technician: Washington

Washington Service Corps with Palouse Conservation District
Pullman, Washington
Job Category
$1,450 monthly stipend + Education Award of $6,345, upon successful completion of service
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The Palouse Conservation District's mission is to foster the voluntary conservation of natural resources by providing the tools, education, technical expertise, and financial assistance to support our local community. The Palouse Conservation District is actively seeking Education & Restoration Technician AmeriCorps members who will serve directly with our Conservation Coordinators and Education and Outreach Coordinator to implement conservation practices with local volunteer groups and deliver environmental educational services to our local community in schools and outdoor settings. The three main goals of this position are to improve water quality by achieving increased survival of riparian buffers, to coordinate volunteer participation at watershed restoration projects and to educate and raise community awareness on the importance of stewardship behaviors and conservation practices that influence water quality, such as riparian buffers and habitat restoration, and the impacts of non-point source pollutions within our local watershed. Position is contingent upon funding. Position Summary Member will serve with the Palouse Conservation District's Resource Conservation Departmental staff in the office and in the field on projects focused on environmental restoration and agricultural conservation practices, assessing the effectiveness of conservation practices on the landscape. In addition to effectiveness monitoring and citizen science, the member will serve with Education and Outreach Departmental staff in classroom and outreach settings focused on environmental education or volunteer recruitment. - Typical work week is 40 hours Monday-Friday with occasional night and weekend work for outreach events - Includes $1,450 monthly stipend to assist with living expenses. - Eligible for Education Award of $6,345, upon successful completion of service. - 1700 hour term (September 16, 2021 - July 31, 2022) - The member will need to be able to serve in varying weather conditions (rain, snow, heat) for extended periods of time, over uneven terrain, and lift up to 40 pounds. - All safety and necessary field equipment is provided
Must be a college graduate Must have dependable transportation to and from the Palouse Conservation District office Must currently possess a valid driver’s license Must be able to work a 40 hour week Must be able serve in varying weather conditions (rain, snow, heat) for extended periods of time, over uneven terrain, and lift up to 40 pounds
Contact Person
Drew Schudlt, Conservation Coordinator
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