Animal Care Internship (PAID) – Rolla, Missouri

Cub Creek Science Camp
Rolla, MO
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$150 per week
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Cub Creek Science Camp is a residential summer camp located in Rolla MO and home to 300 animals including ring-tail lemurs, porcupines, parrots, small mammals and hoof stock. Interns have the opportunity to work with a range of domestic and exotic animals developing skills in animal care, education and leadership. RESPONSIBILITIES: • Daily husbandry tasks including cleaning and feeding • Diet preparation • Observation and health checks on animals • Enrichment • Training and Socialization • Conduct tours and field trips as needed Shared housing is provided Amenities include heat/AC, utilities paid, full bath, kitchen, satellite TV, internet service. Laundry facility onsite. To apply, please complete online application form at
ESSENTIAL CRITERIA: • Be able to work independently and show initiative • Self-motivated and enthusiastic • Able to perform physically demanding work • Strong observation skills to identify changes in animal behavior and habits • Ability to work with a team effectively • Comfortable speaking in front of a group EDUCATION: A degree in animal science or related field is preferred, but experience with exotic animal care will be considered.
Contact Person
Natalie Randall
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