Animal Care Technician (for captive coyotes): Utah

Logan, UT
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Full time Positions
$31,520 to $40,974 per year
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Help to maintain a captive coyote colony for the USDA-National Wildlife Research Center's Predator Research Facility. Daily tasks include checking on, feeeding, and providing enrichment for coyotes held as mated pairs in outdoor enclosures. Also involved in capturing and handling coyotes for research purposes and administering vaccines, cleaning supplies and enclosures, and more. Most summers we also rehabilitate orphaned black bear cubs. Animal care staff help to feed, clean, provide enrichment while the bears are held in captivity. Work is primarily outside at the 164-acre facility and requires lifting (up to 50 lbs) and walking on uneven terrain. There is a team of 4 animal care staff, 1 wildlife biologist, 1 facilities manager, and 3 research grade scientists associated with the facility, plus the larger team of NWRC. Details and application at
Must be able to work with wild carnivores in outdoor setting, lift things, drive ATVs and 4x4 trucks, and be part of a team. Details in ad. This is a federal employment position. Exact start date TBD but hoping to hire someone who can start in early/mid October.
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Julie Young
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