Animal Caretaker I: Sandstone, MN

The Wildcat Sanctuary
Sandstone, MN
Job Category
Full time Positions
$17/ hr plus benefits
Last Date to Apply
Purpose: The Animal Caretaker role supports a Zone Lead (or may be a Zone Lead) by providing all aspects of daily care and husbandry as scheduled to ensure health, happiness and safety. Responsibilities include performing routine husbandry and environmental maintenance inside habitats; feeding prescribed diets; performing assigned and approved animal enrichment activities and trainings; daily animal observation to report any abnormalities; and respond to emergency situations. Will also participate in habitat construction or repairs. Responsibilities Animal Care • Clearly understand and follow all TWS safety protocols and procedures - always • Secure buildings, grounds and enclosures to ensure safety of all residents and people. • Provide all aspects of daily care for the animals in assigned areas meeting and exceeding TWS standards • Clean and maintain habitats, buildings and lockouts consistent with TWS standards • Know animal species, names, history, health concerns, likes and dislikes, etc. • Observe animals for any signs of illness, lethargy, injury, or dietary problems. Document and report any problems using existing “Observations” database • Pro-actively observe and document subtle issues such as not shifting, not using the indoors, change in behavior, that may contribute to a large problem and report to Zone Lead and Operations Director. • Each, and every day, problem solve and make recommendations to better their lives and customize care or our residents (shoveling paths, giving geriatric straw.) • Ensure animals receive medications and prescribed treatments • Inspect animal areas for security and safety of animals, staff and the public and work with facilities to repair • Perform routine inspection and maintenance of buildings, enclosures, grounds, and equipment and report and structural or mechanical problems. • Communicate pertinent information to team members, superiors and Executive Director • Ensure seamless animal care and husbandry during shift changes • Assist with supervision and training of other Caretakers, interns, and Volunteers in a positive manner • Assist with introductions and movements as approved by the Executive Director • Assist with sedation and transfer animals to hospital on vet days as approved by the Clinic Coordinator or Executive Director • Lead in zones when scheduled and as assigned by zone lead, when they are off • Maintain daily observations, daily animal care log, and other records as needed in the assigned area • Actively participate in the animal training (operant conditioning) and enrichment programs to benefit the animals • Perform basic restraint, crating/uncrating and transport of animals as required • Participate in the animal escape and recovery plan, following TWS emergency procedures and protocols • Must be available to work overnight shift 1-2 nights per week • Must be willing and able to work a rotating schedule with flexible hours including overnights, evenings, weekends, holidays and emergencies. Habitat • Proactively ensuring all USDA and GFAS guidelines and requirements are not only continually met, but clearly surpassed. • Ability to assist in habitat construction projects and create/provide enrichment as needed and under the direction of the Zone Lead or Animal Care Manager. • Identify, perform or assist minor repairs to fencing, habitats and animal buildings. • Work with facilities to coordinate repair of major damage or routine maintenance work. • Must be able to climb ladders/stairs, lift crates/animals and/or equipment weighing 70lbs • Operate mowers, handle fire hose for cleaning, operate weed eaters, chain saws and loaded wheelbarrows. • Operate UTV’s, tractors, pickup truck, and other equipment. • Must be agile and flexible to maneuver in and around animals within enclosures and holding areas. Miscellaneous • Supervise, engage and/or monitor the public, donors, Board Members, and volunteers in a positive manner ensuring the safety of all individuals on property and animals. • Participate in special events, marketing, and other promotional activities as assigned. In Sandstone and on-line.
Experience • Must have previous animal experience (sanctuary, rehabilitation, domestic animal shelters, other internships.) • Degrees in the fields of zoology, biology, animal psychology, veterinary sciences or other animal-related will be considered but not required. Qualifications • Ability to make a commitment to the animals by focusing on individualized care and continually going above and beyond when it comes to medical care, diet, habitats, enrichment, etc. • General knowledge of Zoonotic Disease and Sanctuary SOP’s • Trained in chemical immobilization and firearms within 6 months of start date. • Ability to work in extreme weather conditions from 100-degree days to freezing temperatures. • Must have tetanus vaccine. • Ability to work safely, recognize safety hazards, and apply proper safety precautions • Adhere to Sanctuary policies, procedures, and protocols. • Foster an open and inclusive work environment by modeling TWS behaviors and values, consistent with the vision, mission and strategic anchors of the organization. • Professional respect, empathy and kindness toward coworkers, managers, and subordinates, as well as donors and volunteers. • Friendly and outgoing personality with a willingness to guide, teach and learn from others, including interns and volunteers. • Understanding that this is a non-traditional, full-time position requiring a flexible, non-traditional schedule and commitment. • Ability and desire to work in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment and embrace flexibility. • Must be able to handle the physical and emotional aspect of work in a sanctuary and have high level of resiliency. • Critical thinker who can offer recommendations and creative solutions. • Willingness to do what is needed in the moment to benefit the animals and organization. (Regardless if this falls under job description) • Must be results-oriented, self-reflective and take responsibility for actions. • Attention to detail as it pertains to animal wellness and safety. Always going above and beyond for the animals. • Possession of a valid driver license. Reliable transportation to our rural location in all four seasons is required. • Willingness to accommodate TWS dogs and domestic cats in the work place.
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Kelly Marchand
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