Aquaculture Technician I: Florida

Alpha Aqua Farms
Southwest FL
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Full time Positions
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Alpha Aqua Farms is a multi-farm complex of located in South Florida specializing in baitfish and high quality food fish. There are saltwater and freshwater operations at each site, with each farm geared towards a group of target species. A full hatchery at one site services all saltwater and freshwater larval rearing, while other sites are mainly used for grow-out. AAF is seeking personnel with an adaptable skillset to suit the needs of our diverse operation. Work responsibilities will vary widely throughout the year for production of different target species. This is an opportunity to work with rare/cutting edge species in aquaculture, including developing entirely new markets for species currently in demand. We are seeking a highly motivated and dedicated Aquaculture Technician to join our team at Alpha Aquaculture. The successful candidate will be responsible for assisting in all aspects of fish farming, including but not limited to: feeding, system maintenance, water quality, fish handling and harvesting. Responsibilities: Assist in feeding and monitoring fish growth and health. Perform water quality tests and make adjustments as necessary Implement and maintain disease prevention and treatment protocols Assist in harvesting fish from tanks and ponds Operate and maintain farm equipment and facilities Record keeping and data analysis Any other duties as assigned Compensation includes health insurance and retirement plan options. Interested applicants may apply to this job by emailing a Resume/CV and a short (500 words or less) Cover Letter to
Strong interest in aquaculture and fish farming Willingness to learn and be trained in all aspects of fish farming Ability to work independently and as part of a team Strong attention to detail and ability to follow protocols Experience working in a fish farm or related environment is an asset Ability to work well in a fast-paced and physically demanding environment Strong organizational and time management skills Ability to work in both fresh and saltwater environments Ability to work in a flexible schedule
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Thomas Andrews
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