Aquaculture Technician Level 4: Texas

Ekstrom Aquaculture, LLC
Palacios, Texas
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Full time Positions
Commensurate with education and work experience
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Ekstrom Aquaculture, LLC, is a commercial aquaculture company based in Texas. Ekstrom's land-based Palacios facility produces red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) for the U.S. and Canadian wholesale seafood markets. The Aquaculture Technician Level 4 (AT4) leads a team responsible for hatching, growing, and harvesting of red drum. As a leader, the AT4 manages fish production activities in a way that assures high-quality fish and is responsible for meeting company production goals. Routine operations include managing the aquatic environment, assisting with hatchery operations, feeding and harvesting fish, recordkeeping, reporting and personnel management.
Degree in Aquaculture, Fisheries or Biology; minimum 1 year work experience on a fish farm, in a hatchery, or other aquaculture projects; physical fitness and a good work ethic; bilingual desired; basic mechanical skills; comfortable working outdoors in harsh conditions; ability to handle multiple critical responsibilities simultaneously; strong leadership, organizational and communication skills.
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Jennifer Green
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