Aquarist Assistant-Texas

Sea Turtle, Inc.
South Padre Island, Texas
Job Category
Full time Positions
$2,100 to $3,100 per month
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Last Date to Apply
This position is responsible for the daily duties of exhibit husbandry under the guidance and supervision of the Lead Aquarist. General areas of responsibility are: water quality, diet prep, and life support. Key responsibilities: ➢ Maintaining a healthy and safe animal environment. ➢ Assisting with and carry out animal husbandry protocols including diets and enrichment. ➢ Carry out quarantine procedures/protocols. ➢ Assist with training of interns and volunteers on aquarium keeper duties related to the safety and health of specimens. ➢ Maintain daily records of activities and animal behavior observations. ➢ Assist Rehabilitation team as needed. ➢ Carry out/assist with routine tasks including but not limited to: ● Water sourcing, sterilizing and neutralizing at both buildings (daily) ● Vacuuming resident, aquarium, and hospital tanks (daily) ● Fish diets – prep and feed (daily) ● Water quality testing of all facility tanks (daily) ● Protein fractionator maintenance (daily) ● Water changes (weekly) ● Sand filter backwashing (weekly) ● Algae control – scrubbing algae while inside and outside of exhibits (weekly) ● Assist with inventory of chemicals, tools, equipment, fish food, etc. (weekly) ● Canister filter cleaning (monthly) ● Water intake line maintenance (quarterly) ● Media changes for cartridge filters, carbon filters and sand filters (quarterly - yearly) ● Replace UV sterilizer bulbs (yearly) ● Assist with life support maintenance (as needed)
A degree in biology or chemistry preferred. Open Water scuba certification or ability to achieve certification. Physically able to swim, climb, lift up to 50 pounds, and work in hot/cold outdoor environments. Must be able to work in team settings as well as independently. To apply please send letter of interest and resume to Lead Aquarist, Adam Chance, at
Contact Person
Adam Chance
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