The Great Basin Institute
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Job Category
Living Allowance: $28,645 (roughly $600/week)
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The Great Basin Institute, in cooperation with the BLM (OR) Klamath Falls Field Office (KFFO), is recruiting three AmeriCorps Archaeological/GIS Technicians to support the KFFO cultural resource program. The selected technicians will qualify for Public Land Corps (PLC) noncompetitive government hiring status (see below for explanation) upon successful completion of this position. The technicians will, during the field season, complete a number of pedestrian surveys and ensure that the resulting inventory and cultural resource data are appropriately written up and archived. The technicians will, during non-field-going times, analog records and GIS to ensure that cultural resource data has the correct geospatial data to be stored in the BLM OR/WA and SHPO databases. This archaeological archiving and records management project will provide the successful applicant with exposure to federal data, records and database systems, provide insight about how a federal land management agency operates under a multiple-use mission, and will offer the opportunity to develop and sharpen skills related to GIS and data management. Upon completion of this position, the technicians will be better prepared with the cultural resource inventory and geospatial skillsets necessary to function in today’s cultural resources field. Being a member of the cultural resources team on the Klamath Fall Field Office, this program may also involve a variety of cultural resources management activities including but not limited to: • Carrying out/participating in cultural resources surveys. • Documenting archaeological sites and architectural resources. • Intensively recording previously documented cultural resources. • Monitoring archaeological sites and architectural resources. • Carrying out mitigation for archaeological sites and architectural resources. • Drafting/reviewing/editing cultural resources reports. • Organizing cultural resources data in analog and digital files housed at the Field Office. • Working on geospatial data correction for cultural resources. • Participate in volunteer events designed to increase public participation with public land stewardship. • Participate in the youth program designed to involve youth with cultural resources educational activities. Work Environment and Physical Demands: Approximately 75 percent of the work is in the office. Office work involves using GIS to create maps and conduct analysis. Organizing and correcting analog and digital records and files. Planning and organizing field projects and educational events. Duties in the office will require a significant amount of sitting, focused on computer work as well as working with paper documents. Approximately 25 percent of the work is in the field. The fieldwork will involve driving and walking over rough rocky and sandy terrain with wide variations in temperature ranging from below freezing in the fall and winter to above 90 degrees F during the summer. Duties required for outside work involve walking, bending, climbing hills, lifting and carrying various materials or supplies which are occasionally heavy. BLM Equipment Used – Computers, tablets, GPS Units, cameras, Utility vehicles, 4x4 vehicles, and Monitoring Equipment (tapes, compasses, clinometer, etc.) Training will be provided for all equipment used. Safety is our first priority.
Because the agreement under which this position is being advertised is a Public Lands Corps Youth Assistance Agreement, all applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 30 years old at time of application (up to age 35 for veterans). • Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, History, or allied discipline with coursework in GIS; • Educational and field experiences related to archaeology; • Experience using ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro; • Exposure to reviewing and interpreting cultural resource data in reports, maps, photographs, etc.; • Interest in strengthening current skills in developing, editing, organizing, and managing digital files using databases; • Written and verbal communication skills, with an ability to effectively communicate BLM land management (multiple-use) principles and cultural resource management concepts; • Experience working with the BLM and/or working in Eastern Oregon/Northern California region desirable. Additional requirements: • Ability to work independently and in a team setting to accomplish project goals; • Possess strong organizational skills with ability to meet deadlines and produce professional deliverables including draft documents for team review; • Flexibility and capability to meet the demands of rapidly changing plans and schedules; • Possess a valid, state-issued driver’s license and clean driving record with experience safely operating 4WD trucks on and off paved roads; • Willingness and ability to consistently enact high performance standards and a strong work and team ethic in support of the mission of GBI and goals of BLM; • Complete a Department of the Interior (DOI) Background Investigation (BI). Applicants who already possess a fully adjudicated BI will be strongly considered; and • Ability to meet AmeriCorps eligibility requirements: (1) U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status, (2) eligible to receive an AmeriCorps Education Award (limit of four terms or the equivalent of two full-time education awards), (3) pass National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) and federal criminal background checks, (4) adhere to the rules, regulations, and code of conduct as specified in the Member Service Agreement; and (5) not engage in any prohibited activities as listed in the Member Service Agreement
Contact Person
James Arriola
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