Archeology Technician Intern-Tennessee

Southeast Conservation Corps with Great Smoky Mountains NP
Gatlinburg, TN
Job Category
$150/wk (paid bi-weekly; housing provided)
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Great Smoky Mountains National Park is seeking a qualified student as a full-time (40 hours per week) summer intern in the Cultural Resource Management Branch. The position is based in field, laboratory, and office settings. This internship will be 12 weeks in length. The Archeology Internship at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park will provide the opportunity for an interested and motivated individual to develop skills and knowledge related to archeological resource management in the National Park Service. The selected individual will gain experience in investigating and documenting archeological sites, identifying cultural materials commonly found in the Appalachian Summit region, and the proper handling of archeological specimens. The selected individual will work closely with the Park Archeologist in conducting archeological site condition assessments, field site investigation and reporting, as well as laboratory methods and materials processing/preparation. The selected individual will also have the opportunity to work with the Park’s Museum Curator in accessioning, cataloging, and curating archeological objects. The intern will visit known arch. sites to evaluate the current condition of those sites using set standards and update park records. They will complete field survey of an area of the park that has not been systematically surveyed for cultural resources. Field work will focus on areas identified by a predictive mode. They will also complete laboratory work cleaning and organizing both field equipment. The overall objective of this project work is to ensure Park cultural resources are well documented and remain in good condition. This is accomplished through this project by completing field condition assessments of cultural sites, reducing the backlog in cataloging cultural museum collections, and mapping related to cultural resources.
Two years of college and/or an associates degree are required. Coursework in History, Anthropology, Archeology, Cultural Studies, and/or related disciplines is required. Must be able to hike in mountainous terrain in hot humid or inclement weather conditions, carrying a backpack and other field equipment. Experience with river waders a plus. Stinging insects, poison ivy, slippery footing, ticks, and venomous snakes are known field hazards. Intern will be a part of a team that operates safely and communicates effectively.
Contact Person
Matt Cottam
Contact Phone
(423) 876-9378
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