Arid Lands Restoration Crew Member-Nevada

Great Basin Institute
Las Vegas, NV
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PLEASE NOTE START DATE IS FLEXIBLE Are you ready for a challenge? Spend a season or two working hard preserving our environment as an AmeriCorps volunteer. Camp up to seven nights out in the field, and work long ten hour days bettering Nevada’s public lands, then spend your off-days roaming across this immense and wild state. Check out aspen covered mesas, sage brush valleys, prehistoric oceans turned salt flats, the darkest, star filled skies in America, ancient volcanoes, massive sand dunes and snow-capped granite peaks. Nevada is completely underrated in its opportunities for recreation and career opportunities in the Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource management field. As a Nevada Conservation Corps Crew Member you will be given the opportunity to gain important technical and life skills. As a program within the educationally focused Great Basin Institute we are dedicated to not only teaching you skills required to accomplish the task at hand, but to provide you skills to further your environmental sciences career. The Crew Member position is the perfect entry level position in the conservation field and we intentionally structure our program to provide for possible upward mobility within the Great Basin Institute or to act as a stepping stone for your future career. Many of our alumni have gone on to careers in natural resource management, some are now even our project partners! The challenges will be numerous and difficult. The weather may bring you warm sun during the day and hail at night when you are trying to cook dinner on your camp stove. You will be tested mentally and physically, but you will grow as a person, overcoming professional and interpersonal obstacles under the guidance of the experienced Nevada Conservation Corps Staff. Come make a difference in Nevada. Are you ready? You will start the season based out of Las Vegas working on a massive effort by the Bureau of Land Management(BLM) and USGS to restore areas affected by the devasting wildfires that sweeped Southern Nevada in 2005 and 2006. We will be dispersing seeds and planting native species to create habitat islands in the Mojave desert. After the planting season we will work continue to work with the BLM National Conservation Areas, USFWS wildlife refuges, Southern Nevada Water authority, and Lake Mead National Recreation Area on a variety of arid lands restoration projects. Possible projects your crew may be assigned to: Restoration at Big Dunes, NV to create habitat for the endemic Giuliani beetle. Native seed collection for BLM's nation wide Seeds of Success program. Invasive species removal to allow native plants to resestablish themselves. Pond habitat restoration for the Relic leopard frog. Decommisioning and restoration of illegal OHV tracks. Desert cleanup, the removal refuse that has been unfortunately dumped in our deserts. Nevada Conservation Corps Crews have been working to preserve, restore and protect Nevada’s public lands since 1999. Crews have accomplished projects ranging from invasive species removal, forest fuels reduction, trail construction, fencing, biological surveys, native species planting, riparian restoration, trash removal, illegal track decommissioning, nursery work, seeding, or herbicide application. These projects are often located in remote and primitive locations across Nevada and are accomplished through cooperative agreements with project partners at the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Reclamation among many other local, county, state, private, and nonprofit organizations. The Great Basin Institute is the largest provider of AmeriCorps Volunteer positions in the State of Nevada. AmeriCorps Volunteers make a commitment to serving the community and in turn are given a modest living allowance during their term of service and an education award upon completion of the program. In appreciation for your service work, we will direct you and guide you to gain valuable skills, professional connections, and experience for your future in environmental sciences and natural resource management. Essential Duties: •Restoring and improving habitat, planting native plants, removing invasive plants on public lands; •Camping up to seven nights in wilderness setting without formal restroom facilities or running water; •Making a commitment of national service to our landscapes and communities; •Maintaining a positive and professional attitude at all times while providing service; •Communicating effectively with crew members, crew leaders, NCC staff and agency project staff; •Complying with both production and quality work standards established by NCC Administration, crew supervisors and project partners; •Contributing to basic duties at the campsite including cooking, cleaning and organizing crew equipment; •Showing respect when interacting with other members, leaders, staff, project sponsors and community members; •Participating in in-field education sessions; •Percentage of time spent on: labor– 70%, traveling– 20%, hiking– 10%; •Lifting 25lbs continuously and 50lbs occasionally.
•Must maintain a positive and professional attitude at all times while providing service. •Be able to communicate effectively with members, crew leaders, NCC staff, and project partners. •Possess the willingness and ability to work and camp up to seven nights in a row, in a wilderness setting, in all weather conditions, without formal restroom facilities or running water. •Be able to lift 25lbs continuously and 50lbs occasionally •Be at least 17 years of age •Be a US citizen •Must possess a high school diploma or GED •Must be eligible to receive an AmeriCorps Education Award (limit of four in a lifetime or the equivalent of two full-time education awards).* •All position offers are conditional upon completion of an acceptable check of the National Sex Offender Public Registry and federal criminal background check.
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