Assistant Culturist- Georgetown-Pacific Ranger Districts- California

Great Basin Institute
Georgetown, CA
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Wage: $20/hour with overtime paid at 1.5 times the regular hourly rate Paid Holidays in accordance with USFS schedule Accumulation of Paid Personal Leave starting on day one of employment (up to 4 hours every two weeks) Camping Per Diem: $15/night as necessary Health Insurance: Medical, dental and vision health insurance premium paid in full by the Great Basin Institute, effective on the first day of the month following the start of employment.
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Background The King Fire (2014) burned roughly 100,000 acres on the Eldorado National Forest (ENF), large portions of which burned at unusually high severity. The strategy for post-fire restoration is to create conditions with low surface fuels, low competing vegetation and reestablished forest cover in key, strategic areas within the larger burn scar, while continuing to reduce accumulating fuels to reestablish resilient forest cover. These approaches will help establish a “climate smart” forest stand structure, which will provide improved habitat, sequester carbon, prevent erosion and help protect the Rubicon Watershed. Description The Great Basin Institute, in cooperation with the US Forest Service (USFS) is recruiting up to two (2) AssistantCulturists to perform a variety of tasks supporting post-fire restoration on the King Fire scar, located on the Eldorado National Forest. The Assistant Culturist(s) will be responsible for a number of administrative and field duties on projects including seedling planting, shrub control, cone collection, survey and monitoring, shrub/seedling manual treatments, and database reporting. Successful candidates will have excellent written and oral communication skills, acute attention to detail, and be capable of managing multiple time-sensitive tasks at once. These positions will serve USFS reforestation efforts as well as vegetation management and fuels reduction projects, supporting initiatives for healthy, productive, and resilient forest landscapes and resources. This work provides professional development and leadership opportunities suitable for individuals interested in future career opportunities with the Forest Service. This unique opportunity has the potential for full-time federal employment with USFS following completion of contract contingent upon performance and funding availability. Duties include the following: ● Contract preparation: Unit layout and flagging; GPSing, preparing and verifying maps to ensure sensitive resources and habitats are protected; assessing and monitoring site conditions prior to contract work beginning; ● Contract administration and oversight: Assisting in review and selection of the contractors; providing contract inspection, oversight and documentation of the individual vegetation management projects assigned by the Zone Silviculturist or Zone Timber Management Officer; ● Databases and reporting: Diligently recording and logging all materials (seedlings, herbicides, etc.) used during vegetation management projects; assisting USFS staff to conduct database entry for planned, accomplished and completed activities; assisting in the preparation of various reforestation/thinning reports; ● Field surveys and exams: Conducting vegetative examinations of designated areas to evaluate existing conditions; providing site-specific recommendations for site preparation, natural and artificial regeneration, release, and stocking level control; assisting with plantation and natural regeneration survival examinations to determine if results meet site-specific Forest or Regional standards, or site- or project-specific standards; and ● Additional forestry support: Site prep, layout and marking trees for fuels reduction projects. This physically demanding work, often in remote project locations, will provide Assistant Culturists with rewarding exposure to some of California's lesser-known forested landscapes. The spring and summer months will include a heavy workload with planting and herbicide requiring long days. Workload requirements will reduce going into the late summer and fall. This work requires extensive hiking in steep terrain at high altitudes (5,000 to 9,000 ft.) with heavy packs on a daily basis, possibly during extreme or inclement weather conditions such as heat, smoke, high winds, snow or rain. Positions often require operating 4-wheel drive vehicles in off-road conditions including, mud, snow and high clearance roads.
Leadership responsibilities of this position include communication with USFS and GBI staff, maintaining safety awareness and practices in the field, scheduling, logistics, and overseeing fidelity to methods and quality of outcomes. Bachelor’s degree (minimum) in Forestry or a closely related field, plus applicable field experience with conventional techniques to identify problems involving application of silvicultural practices; Previous experience with noxious weed management including herbicide application and manual removal is a plus Previous experience with Timber Stand Improvement, reforestation and contract inspection are preferred Knowledge of the mixed conifer forests typical of eastern California, including common plants (woody and herbaceous), hydrology, soils, wildlife, and geology/topography; Ability to review, and understand service contracts and assist in the inspection of a variety of contracts, including planting, tractor piling, chemical and mechanical release contracts; Knowledge of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) sufficient to meet Forest standards for silvicultural activities; Ability to work independently within the scope of the position, including oversight of safety, communication with supervisor, fidelity to methods, and quality of accomplishments; Ability to interpret, select, and apply guidelines and contract actions, including service or timber sale contracts, NEPA documents and project files, specialist reports and silvicultural prescriptions; Ability to communicate effectively, both written and orally, with a diverse audience; to identify and resolve operating problems, to inform others about the meaning of contract provisions and Forest Service policies, to clarify information, and to seek adherence to silvicultural prescriptions; Experience using ArcGIS to create maps (preferred); Proficiency using a compass and topographic map to navigate; Proficiency using clinometer, relaskop, DBH tapes, and forestry paint guns; Possess a clean, valid, state-issued driver’s license with ability to safely operate and maintain a 4WD vehicle on and off paved roads; Ability to live and work in rural and remote field and office setting; Physically fit to work outdoors, carry up to 50 pounds of field equipment and personal gear, and withstand the rigors of a forested and/or chaparral environment in all seasons; Willingness and ability to work extensive overtime hours for several consecutive weeks multiple times during the field season; Willingness and ability to camp in remote, primitive sites for several consecutive days, if necessary; Familiarity with best practices for field safety and Leave No Trace principles; and Willingness and ability to consistently enact high performance standards and a strong work and team ethic in support of the mission of GBI and the goals and objectives of the USFS.
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