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San Chicago Corp.
Armstrong, Tx
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San Chicago Corp. is a hunting lease on the Norias division of the King Ranch. The camp’s focus is hunting quail through most of the season. There will also be times when guests hunt nilgai and other game. During the offseason the assistant manager will lead and organize the implementation of habitat management projects and assist with camp maintenance. The position provides competitive pay and benefits.
• Bachelor’s degree in natural resources with background in range and wildlife management • Experience in managing hunting lodge programs • Plan and implement habitat management projects during spring and summer • Experience in using mapping programs to visualize project areas • Maintain fleet of hunting trucks through dealer or mechanic visits • Oversee work crew in implementation of projects • Collect, interpret, and report harvest data during hunting season • Oversee hunting program and be ready to guide hunters when needed • Work with camp manager and housekeeping staff in upkeep of camp facilities • Issuing Texas Parks and Wildlife hunting licenses with Texas License Connection portal • Experience in extensive water systems including reverse osmosis • Building management, i.e., pest control, cleanliness, and modifications Please send resumes and references to email listed.
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Josh Pearson
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