Assistant Professor Forest Resource Economics Extension

Mississippi State University
Starkville, MS
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The successful candidate will participate in the Department's statewide Extension Forestry and research programs in the specialized areas of forest resource economics and finance and related subjects. Responsibilities include assessing the educational needs of various forestry audiences and constituencies along with planning, developing, and implementing educational/outreach programs to meet the needs of targeted audiences. Travel related to stakeholder educational programming is expected. Program methods and techniques will include short courses, workshops, field days, participation in professional meetings and conferences, demonstrations, mass media, publications, in-service training, and individual contacts. Audiences and collaborators will include Department of Forestry faculty, landowners, natural resources professionals, public and private organizations, 4-H and youth organizations, and general public. Evaluating program quality and effectiveness over the short, intermediate, and long-term will be an essential duty to ensure accountability and program assessment and improvement. The successful candidate will be expected to develop a regionally, nationally, and internationally recognized Extension Forestry program in forest resource economics that will involve both applied research and outreach. The candidate will also be expected to seek and obtain extramural funding to enhance their Extension Forestry program. In addition, the successful candidate will be expected to teach one course per year to support the Department of Forestry’s academic programs that can potentially also meet graduate-level campus and distance education forestry requirements. In-service education to external audiences will also be expected. Opportunities exist for research collaboration with the College of Forest Resources faculty, federal and state agencies, forest industry, resource managers and practitioners, private landowners, and non-governmental organizations. The successful candidate will develop and teach educational programs to the appropriate clientele and county Extension Agents based on national, state, and county needs assessments. These documented Program Plans will include documented curricula that can be delivered and evaluated by the successful candidate and/or county Extension Agents resulting in measured impacts.
Minimum Qualifications: A Ph.D. specializing in forest resource economics, management, and policy or a closely related natural resource economics area. At least one degree in Forestry is required. Importance will be placed on demonstrated excellence in outreach, program team participation, oral and written communications, and interpersonal skills. All But Dissertation (ABD) applicants may apply. Preferred Qualifications: Education, experience, and/or a desire to build capacity in areas that include, but are not limited to, timber price analysis; economic analysis of forest policy and program impacts; forest taxation; financial and economic impact analysis of forest management practices and investments; or forest products markets and trade. Experience or willingness to effectively work as part of an Extension team to serve diverse forest stakeholder groups and understand their forest management needs; this includes spending time away from campus on select evenings and weekends to meet Extension programmatic needs. It is preferred that the candidate have an established record of scholarly publications; demonstrated potential to secure extramural funding; and experience in teaching at the University level.
Contact Person
Eric McConnell
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