Assistant Property Manager-Sugar Ridge FWA – Indiana

Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Sugar Ridge FWA- Winslow, IN
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Job Description: This position functions as the assistant manager at Sugar Ridge FWA. This is a managerial, supervisory, and administrative position that directs and leads the management and operation of Sugar Ridge FWA properties. Work includes responsibility for the long and short range planning, implementation of policy and procedures, budget preparation and tracking, recruitment of personnel, training, development, and hiring and disciplining employees of the assigned fish and wildlife property to meet Division strategic goals and objectives. Responsibilities: Plan, coordinate, implement, and direct the wildlife management practices and procedures, and maintenance practices on the assigned fish and wildlife property owned by the DFW, and on various assigned satellite properties. Management activities include, but are not limited to, habitat manipulation using heavy construction equipment, farm equipment, hand tools (e.g. chainsaws, etc.), prescribed fire, chemicals, tenant farming, tenant grazing, etc. Maintenance activities include, but are not limited to, maintenance of all fiscal facilities such as office/check station complex, shop and storage buildings, residences, public use facilities (e.g. shooting ranges, campgrounds, fishing facilities, picnic areas, restroom facilities, boat ramps, access roads, parking lots, etc.), vehicles, equipment, tools, etc. Plan, coordinate, implement, and direct public use activities on the property Directing these activities may include the allotment of opportunities through sign-ups, drawings, etc. to limit the number of users on the property at one time if necessary. Also, patrol of the property to observe users, is often necessary to insure user compliance with state and federal wildlife laws, and state and local property regulations. Oversee the daily operation and activities of the property laborers and support staff. Oversee required periodic preventative maintenance and repairs to all fish and wildlife property buildings, facilities, equipment, tools, and vehicles. Carry out administrative duties that are necessary for the operation, management, and maintenance of the fish and wildlife property, its facilities, buildings, fixed assets, equipment, vehicles, and tools, and the same for satellite properties. Hire, supervise, train, resolve personnel disputes, evaluate, and discipline employees Training includes safety training, health training (e.g. Blood borne pathogens), as well as proficiency training with necessary tools and equipment. Make sure that all licenses and certifications necessary for employees are up to date (e.g. CDL’s, First Aid, CPR, Fire Fighting and Fire Behavior, etc.) Prepare operational management work plans and budgets for the fish and wildlife property to help achieve the objectives set forth in the Division of Fish and Wildlife strategic plans for public lands. Work with property managers on other fish and wildlife properties, or with private lands biologists on any projects requiring the involvement and cooperation of more than one unit to accomplish division objectives. Resolve problems or complaints from the general public or landowners that own land or live adjacent to the assigned property. Resolve disputes between property users, or property user and general public or adjacent landowners. Work with other federal, state, and local government agencies when necessary to accomplish division objectives. Prepare reports, evaluations, and answer letters as necessary for division or department executives, the governor's office, or legislators.
*Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife science or related natural resources field. *Possess a valid driver's license. Visit to apply for this position Job Opening ID: 611552 Posting Title: Assistant Property Manager - Sugar Ridge Fish and Wildlife Area
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Jon Munter
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